Using a wheel without a Wheel Universal Hub on a Clubsport V2.5 Base?

Just ordered a V2.5 base and Formula V2 wheel - but as I do a bit of drifting I'd like a circular wheel as well. As I race IRL I have several wheels that I could use, can I just use the Quick Release Adapter with them? Obviously I wouldn't have any buttons on the wheel (I have the sequential/7-speed shifter and handbrake already) but I don't really care. I also have a SimRacingHardware dash that has plenty of buttons, etc. so again I just need a basic round steering wheel.

Again I know I wouldn't be able to adjust anything in real-time, etc. and that I'd have to do any setup for the base using the Formula V2 but would I be able to drive in iRacing, Project Cars 2 and Assetto Corsa just fine without the hub? Seems like yes but wanted to be sure before I order the quick release adapter - and to confirm that's what I'd need to use a "standard" wheel, right? I may also buy one of the cheaper Fanatec wheels that are in the $125'ish range.

I'm upgrading from a 5 year old Thrustmaster TX base so I'm REALLY looking forward to it arriving. I strongly considered the Simxperience DIrect Drive setup that was nearly the same cost but love the ecosystem that Fanatec has (as I already have the shifter, handbrake and V2 pedals with inversion kit).




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    You need either the ClubSport Universal Hub or the Podium Hub to get the electronics working, only the Quick Release Adapter won’t work because it has no electronics and simply can’t be mounted to a base.

  • So seems you didn't actually read my question - I don't care about the electronics, as I said I want to have a "drift" wheel and as I already have a button box, handbrake and the Fanatec sequential shifter I don't see why I would need any buttons or electronics at all. This is on PC, not console so I can use my mouse to start the game and my other buttons to select or change things about the car.

    So the question I'm trying to ask is simple - will the wheel work without those electronics plugged in? As in will I get force feedback and be able to play the game? Understand now?


  • Seems you didn't understood my answer.

    You can not connect the steering wheel with just the Quick Release Adapter. It won't fit and you won't have Force Feedback. Only a UHX or Podium Hub enables FFB.

  • I don't understand "it won't fit" - but if you're saying without the hub you get no FFB then fine, but that is hard to believe. If that's true I suppose I'll just order the cheapest wheel they have, the CSL Elite. So if it won't fit what is the quick release adapter even for then?

  • The quick release adapter is only for the CSL Elite McLaren wheel at this moment to replace the standard plastic Quick release and enable high Torque on the DD. But as said, you won't get FFB without any of the two Hubs because you need electronics. Pretty simple :D

  • Um, okay - that seems totally bizarre that they'd do it that way, I guess it forces us into buying their wheels which really does suck. I suppose I'll just go for the CLS Elite wheel for drifting then. Thanks.

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