New: Customisable Button Caps!

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This simple but highly effective upgrade will make your Fanatec steering wheels unique.

 The new Button Caps and Sticker Set allows for a huge variety of steering wheel customisation - combine coloured backgrounds with black or white text/symbol stickers for more than 20,000 variations.

The 127 different black and white text/symbol stickers include all commonly used sim racing button assignments, including brake balance, DRS, and engine/fuel management.

The caps are easy to install and compatible with most Fanatec steering wheels. Plastic tweezers are also included to avoid fingerprints and for easy removal of existing caps.

The new button caps have a different shape which allows to add two stickers (colour+symbol) and get a flat surface. It is therefore more advanced than any other sticker set which is available on the market.

98 additional rectangular stickers are also provided for drivers who prefer to place the button labels on the wheel itself. Some small Fanatec logo stickers are also included.

We’d love to see photos of your Fanatec wheels with the new button caps, we’ll share our favourites on our social channels!


  • I'd love to show you a photo of my wheel with these button caps but I can't bring myself to spend €20.99 for the shipping. Surely you could find a more cost effective way of sending small, light low value items?

  • Price and shipping is a really big joke - Fanatec megalomania again !

  • Like the buttons very much but shipping must be a mistake? Would buy if shipping was reasonable, i.e. a jiffy bag and normal surface post.

  • Looks great. Price and postage a tad too high too. It's something for people who really really want it. 20 + 3/5 euro bubblewrap envelop will be a better price-range. or so.

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    Price a little high - but ok... shipping almost doubles the price... nope not happening.

    Hope you can have them available via distributors eventually so we dont end up paying over £50.00 for stickers and a few button caps...

    30 Euros should be item inclusive of delivery at the most.

  • Besides the price ranting here is my first layout of the caps on the BMW GT2 wheel. The caps itself fit quite good on the buttons and putting on the stickers is very easy because of the edges on the caps. The stickers can be placed very exactly on the caps. If the two sticker layers are placed on the caps you don't feel the edge anymore, it feels like a flat cap. Anything at all I'm quite happy with the caps and stickers.

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    Just a very minimalistic design to fit the colors of the Podium Button Module Endurance by using yellow, red and green caps with black background and the respective button mappings. "Default" buttons are way too colorful in my opinion, I like to have it more minimalistic^^

    Absolutely love this new Button Caps! :)

  • Just so buyers are aware, I purchased these and the cost delivered in Europe was over 80 Euros for one set:

    25 Euros - the product

    27 Euros - shipping UPS. There is no other choice to go normal mail, like many other companies I purchase products from in Germany.

    30 Euros - ADDITIONAL charges from UPS I have to pay before they will deliver to me.

    • 5 Euros is related to actual import duties.
    • 25 Euros is the UPS administration fee on top.

    So, be ready to spend an enormous amount for some small bits of plastic and a sticker sheet. I am mostly annoyed that Fanatec simply does not have ANY other shipping choice, other than UPS. Regular European mail would be fine for this type of envelope. But it is impossible, simply Fanatec chooses not to offer a reasonable method of shipment.

    Fanatec, you may blame 'cost of importing' or some nonsense like that (it was 5 Euros...). The choice of shipping methods available is YOURS. So, as far as I'm concerned, it is YOUR choice that the UPS fees are so out of control for something like this. That IS in your control, because you don't offer a different option. Please offer different shipment possiblity. UPS always has additional fees for the customer that are WAY too high.

  • I have been looking for these caps since I bought the carbon formula. And now that I have found them..... 30 +21 euros shipping ?? It seems crazy to me and although I want them a lot, I am forced to give it up

  • Is the shipping cost some sort of joke. This would be insta buy from me if the shipping was more reasonable.

  • I have the problem to attach a cap to the lower button of the McLaren GT3 steering wheel.

    It is the only button that is round at the top.

    Therefore the cap holds very badly.

  • It doesn't hold because the the XBOX button is the only one which is not compatible with the button caps. This is also said at the compatibility list on the webshop page for the button caps.

  • Ahhh..... ok.

    I did not read this.

    How you say in Germany :

    " who can read is clearly at an advantage "

  • The button caps supplied with the Formula V2 Wheel are almost completely inappropriate and useless. My F1 and F2 car doesn't have a horn, windscreen wipers and seat adjust!!

    So this set, €29, looked really good but the €20.99 UPS delivery in Europe is outrageous for a small lightweight item that could be sent in a jiffy bag by Deutsche Post for €5-6.

    Come on Fanatec, use some flexibility and demonstrate some common sense??

  • Shipping pricing seems to have been stabilized. I just paid $12 to get Fed Ex Ground shipping, previously it had been $20-$30. Its still way too hard to find on the site, but I'm happy to finally be getting some reasonable button labels!

  • Still €20.81UPS Standard or €33.08 UPS Express Saver to post to the UK. I guess Fanatec are just not interested in selling these as they could send these for €6 if they chose a more sensible option - which would almost half the landed cost to buyers.

  • I'm in the same camp as you guys. I really want to order the caps, but 29.99 euros for the product and 20 euros for the shipping. Absolutely no chance I am paying over 5 euros for shipping of something worth only 30 euros, as 5 euros is pricey even then.

    There should be more shipping options. I wouldn't care if it took 1 to 2 weeks at a much lower cost.

  • Annoyingly Fanatec do use cheaper postage for warranty claims. I had my PBME button caps replaced under warranty and they were sent in an envelope. I asked if rather than send those, they would send the new cap set - i'd pay for the cap set, they pay the postage - but this suggestion was refused.

  • I have no complaints. They're only charging $13.41 to FedEx a V2.5 wheel, a QR1, and a button set. Good job Fanatec for listening to your customers!

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