Milling DD2.

Good evening.

I am in need of help, when I am playing SIM iRacing in some moments making curves I feel a feeling of grinding on the wheel referring to the DD2 base and right after a few clicks. Initially there was this feeling that only started to happen after I'm playing for hours and using the recommended settings on the Fanatec - Racing Simulation - iRacing - iRacing (PC) - Fanatec recommended sttings page, by Dominic Brennan.

My base has the following update: Main FW: v669 / Motor FW: v38 / WQR FW:26.

What should I do, try on Natural Damper [NDP] ou FFB Interpolation [INT]? Or none of these?

What to do?

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to help as soon as possible.




  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Osmindo,

    Your base behaviour or noises shouldn't change over a longer session. I suggest that you create a video that demonstrates what you have described and add that to a new support ticket. The support team will be able to tell you if this behaviour is normal, and if not, we'll be able to repair or exchange your base.

  • Hi Dominic,

    Thank you for answering me so quickly.

    So throughout the day today I talked to several people and made countless attempts to solve the "problem".

    The first was to update my wheel's driver and firmware.

    Then I went to the page where are the configuration suggestions that you posted and next page there are also configuration suggestions that Marcel Brunschwiler also posted and that the settings that I was using on my wheel today were those of Mr. Marcel.

    I started to compare the two and in the countless attempts to solve the problem I made one of them was to put Linearity on, as you recommend and Marcel recommends leaving it off, I realized that there was a big improvement, another change was to increase Natural Damper, practically no more problem.

    Could you explain to me why all the difference is when I leave Linearity on or off?

    And also about the increase in Natural Damper?

    Just so that I can better understand the product I bought.

    Because the innumerable attempts at configurations in Natural Friction, Natural Inertia and FFB Interpolation mainly had no effect.

    I am waiting for news.

    And thanks again for the attention and agility in trying to solve my problem.

    If the problem returns I will contact you again.

    Best regards,


  • Just to add to the confusion (just kidding). If you have changes over hours of playing, that should not happen, especially not with the DD2.

    To the points you quoted me:

    • I may mis-stated regarding linearity, I can't do a recommendation for linearity. I've tested it and it added a lightness to the wheel that I did not like, so I turned it off again. I also would hope that Fanatec could add information to the manual. Maybe the lightness can be compensated by adding Strenght/Gain (still have to test this further)
    • NDP and NFR - in an ideal world with perfectly simulated physics these parameters would not be needed at all. In iRacing at least, this can be set almost to OFF or close to zero. Especially NFR kills the fidelity of the feedback if set too high. That would be a shame with iRacing advanced tire physics
    • For interpolation, there was an article about it, where it is described as a very basic setting of how the base produces FFB, in earlier versions this was fixed and could not be adjusted by the user (I think default was around value 3). Again, I would hope for an updated manual of the DD1/2 where this is described more in detail
    • For Inertia: This adds artificially weight to the wheel -> again in a perfect Sim this should not be used. I am not happy that I have it set on 3 -> I need some further testing with this. But it is rather recommended to use a bit of this but reduce NFR on the other hand.
  • Additional comment to inertia (just tested in iRacing): it adds some weight that may "feel" a bit more natural. But it comes with a price: You tend to oversteer the wheel in turns -> so you do not realize that the car actually is already understeering and making you losing time. If set to 1 or 0 (off) it is easier to feel that. So my recommendation to inertia setting would be: Turn OFF or as low as possible!

  • I understand now.

    Thanks for all your help and attention.

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