Podium Racing Wheel F1® and xbox one x

Hi buddies, I just buy a Podium Racing Wheel F1®, I have a xbox one x, I'll use this setup for my racing sessions, but, I read a lot of stuffs about xbox, fanatec, that no all the buttons can be used into f.e. f1 2019, buttons or controls, gears, etc, and I cannot find nothing about it, neither fanatec manual, or quick guide, or youtube... did I a mistake buying this setup for my xbox one x???

I would appreciate any response from someone who has and uses a configuration like this, or someone from fanatec support



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    Originally the Podium Racing Wheel F1 is NOT xbox compatible but only PS4 and PC. You need a Xbox compatible steering wheel (CSL Elite McLaren, CSL Elite P1, ClubSport Universal Hub or the ClubSport Formula v2) to use that bundle on a xbox console. The Xbox code is extremely limited by Microsoft so most of the buttons on an advanced wheel like the Formula v2 are not working (Red rocker Switches, MPS, Thumb Encoders). Also, Xbox doesnt support any kind of LED or Display information so that also wont work.

  • Hi, I understand that MS has a pretty close ecosystem with xbox, but, it's difficult to me to understand that this bundle, has a wheel that is different from the ClubSport Formula v2,

    then I throw my money away... damn!!

    thanks for your response

  • The included blue Formula v2 wheel just doesnt have the xbox licence chip implemented which is needed to work on Xbox. The regular red Formula v2 wheel does have this chip. Compatibility also is listed and explained in the compatibility part of the webshop description. But yes, if you plan to only or mainly use that on the xbox then you threw your money away, but you can always return the goods to get your money back and order the correct items which are xbox xompatible.

  • Another thing that piss me off is that Fanatec don't say anything, only I find info about ps4/pc, nothing about xbox compatibility or incompatibility,

    My order is still in the warehouse, I cannot cancel the order, so, whats the next steps?? should I return back the package?

  • As said, compatibility is listed in the webshop page directly.

    Quote: "Other platforms: Compatibilities to other platforms depend on the used steering wheel. For more information, please check the product page of the steering wheel you plan to use."

    It also only has a Xbox One Ready logo on the top which implies that it is theoretically xbox ready but needs a xbox compatible wheel like the 4 wheels mentioned previously.

    And yes, I would either dont accept the delivery at all or get in contact with the webshop asap to get instructions how you should proceed with the return of the package.

  • Thanks a lot Maurice, I didn't understand the xbox one ready term, I guess, for me was a ready for xbox one and the next gen too, or that has an updated (recently) that make compatibly the bundle, or something like this, my english is a low level, as you can see. I tried a contact with sales, but... no response yet

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