V3 Pedals not detected on Xbox one


Any help or suggestions welcome

I have the Clubsport wheel base 2.5 and Clubsport V3 pedals connected to an xbox one. Everything has been working fine until 2 days ago. My issue is that the xbox no longer detects the pedals.

I am using the latest drivers and all wires are connected correctly (I havent changed anything). When I connect the pedals to my laptop, the laptop recognises the pedals and i can perform the various tests. I have tried different games on the xbox but pedals are not recognised.

Has anyone come across this issue before or any suggestions to resolve would be welcome.


  • How do you have the Pedals connected? Only to the Xbox? Only to the wheel base? Both?

  • Thanks for the reply. Pedals are connected to both.

  • Just to add - the wheel base is recognised and working

  • ... And that could be your issue as you may have damaged the PCB of your pedals by doing so.

    Please have a look into the Quick Guide. A big warning is shown there that under no circumstances you should connect the Pedals in both ways, only use either USB connection to a PC OR directly connect the pedals via RJ12 to the Wheel Base. NEVER connect the pedals via USB and via RJ12, this can and most probably will damaged the Pedals!

    So, try the connect the pedals via RJ12 to the base and ONLY connect the base via USB to the Xbox and see if thats working. If not, you have to contact the support as you might have damaged something then already.

  • You were right Maurice. Thanks.

    Just using the RJ12 works perfect. Luck for me I didnt do any damage.

    Appreciate your help and advice

    Thanks again

  • I finally have solve the problem with the connector from the V2 or V3 petals. It is been a general pain in the ass losing the connection

    Between the main box and the pedals. The problems is basically with the RJ 12 plastic AT&T connector. It does not snapped into the receptacle in the wheel are driving unit. I have tried using some of the commercial contact cleaner called Deoxit available on a small spray can that all professional electronics shops use on potentiometers. After using the stuff use a small toothpick or a plastic dental floss pic that you can wedge in the side of the RJ 12 plastic connector to keep it stable and in contact. That will work and reestablish the Communication with the box.

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