V3 Brake Pedal recalibrates itself on its own.

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I've been having this issue for well over a year and a half now, but I just decided to live with it. Recently it seemed to have fixed itself, and it came back... After a whole month of consistent brakes I just can't stand it anymore.

Simply put, every "session" i have racing the brakes will reset either the min, or max. It seems to be random each time as to which it will reset. Previously it's consistently been one for weeks, and then would switch, but now it's just random each time.

Rarely it'll even reset mid driving, and I'll start dragging the brakes with my foot off the pedal. That's very rare though.

I make sure to clean, and cover my pedals when not in use. I apply the lithium grease that came with the pedals. I've tried reinstalling the firmware numerous times. I haven't really found many duplicate cases of this searching the internet, somehow. When I finally did, they suggested testing the rumble before closing, but that did absolutely nothing.

This issue doesn't seem to be linked to PC restarts, or anything like that. If I start driving early in the morning, and calibrate it, take a long break, then come back at night, it will need to be reset again. I can't locate a specific thing that triggers this.

This seems like it must be a software issue somewhere. The reason I say that is because it resets one setting at a time. It even switched to the gas max a single time. I'm just lost on what I can do to fix this. I drove with consistent brakes for a month, and my performance under braking improved so much, because I could finally drive off of feeling rather than watching my brake pedal input in game going into every corner. I have to watch it, because the feeling is different every time.

Firmware version: 1.30

PC driver: 336


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