Does anyone know??

On "current order" list all items list availability date which is the 5th of june. For the csw 2.5 it just says

ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5




What does this mean if it shows no availability date...i ordered may 24th and Also messaged them shortly after when i noticed this and still no reply. Not expecting speed just clarification on where my money spent stands. I understand the covid issue has made things tough but there could be better communication especially when you have spent over 1k and have to sit wondering.


  • You will get rescheduled....once you have the date on both items, only then I believe it will stop changing the dates around.

    it sucks.

    I went from Middle of May, First of June, and now finally all my items are marked for Jul 3rd.

  • Well no dates have changed. There never was one for the csw. Bad times i know but they could communicate a bit better.

  • I am in the same boat, having ordered around the same time. Having the availability date on my preorder as just " " empty space is pretty unnerving. I sent them a email about it a week and a half ago asking them to clarify the available date for my preorder. Haven't heard anything back yet. The webstore still shows the available preorder date for new orders as June 12th.

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    I was reading stuff in here since the lock down starts. I saw so many bad stories but regardless I decided to give a leap of faith on Fanatec and to go forward and now I have the same problem on my side. I placed my order on May 17th and since the bundle I got (DD1 + F1 Wheel + Pedals V3) was listed for availability on June 5th I've been waiting paciently to receive updates from Fanatec 'til this day. I never wrote to Fanatec until last friday (june 5th) the day I was supposed to get any information about my order. So today is 8th and like other customers I got zero communication.

    In april I was checking to purchase my bundle and the Pre-Order was May 22nd ... couple days later changed to June 5th and I waited a few more days before placing the orther just to check if Fanatec would change it again. As long as the availability never changed anymore so I did it. I thought there's plenty of time for Fanatec to manufacture and delivery products in 20-30 days, so let's do it.

    I do work for a company that provides online products as well but guess what? As soon as our inventory became really low we stopped selling online to avoid people buying and getting mad not to receveing their products. We decided to give 100% support to customers that placed the order until certain day, work with our manufactures and later reopen for more others. Guess what? We dropped the bad reviews and negative feedbacks in almost 70%. That's what Fanatec were suppose to do, focus on orders and stop getting new ones.

    At this point I'm just frustrating like the others are and I fell very sorry for people that've been waiting and waiting for some answer on the past weeks, but now I'm part of the problem too. Spending almost $2100 during these times when money is short and every investiment should be made to protect our family was a really hard decision to me and I believe you guys should be way more transparent than that.

    If I don't get any positive feedback from Fanatec on the next couple days I'll have to cancel my order and ask for refund. I completely understand if Fanatec ran out of inventory because of what's happening in the world now a days but do not promisse a timeframe you can't fullfill or even worst, keep moving dates forever It's just unacceptable. I can't work with a company that don't honor or respect their own customers.

  • Hey man I am in the same boat as you. Here has been my experience and something in my gut tells me this will be going on for some time.

    Purchased April 17th CSW v2.5 Wheelbase, Formula V2 Rim, ClubSport V3 Pedals, BPK and Damper Kit. Everything was "In-stock" except the V3's which were on pre-order until May 15th. May 15th rolls around and now they're on pre-order until May 22nd. Oh wait there's a surprise now the v2.5 wheelbase is sold out and on pre-order until June 12th.

    May 22nd rolls around and now pre-order changes to June 5th for the V3's. You guys see the cycle here. June 5th again rolls by and now the pre-order changes to June 26th.

    I'm expecting june 12th to arrive and have my pre-order date change because the V3's aren't available. This will probably be a vicious and toxic cycle until I cancel my order, or wait until something magically happens.

    BTW in my account order page the wheelbase shows availability date of June 12. BPK, Damper kit, and formula V2 Rim show availability date of May 22nd. My V3's have no availability date.

    I'll keep you posted when June 12th comes and give some updates if anything changes.

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