Solutions for Force Feedback and Deadzone in Linux

I was wondreing if anyone had some tips on getting our fanatec wheels to have force feedback in supported linux games.  With Proton, Vulkan, and Lutris Linux gaming is finally becoming feasible.
Also, has anyone had issues with a deazone on the wheel?  It will not register in game until i turn the wheel approximately 90 degrees in either direction.  As you can imagine, this makes gaming impossible.

Please note: I am using Solus 4 and CSL Elite wheel base, but im not looking for necessariliy that exact configuration.  ANY support for any linux distro would be appreciated and maybe I can figure it out from there.
Fanatec Linux Support
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    Hello, I tried with CSW2.5 and F1 wheel and it would probably be well playable. Apart from this dead zone problem everything else seems to work (controller).

    Now I really, really, would love to see a solution in the very near future.

    Heck, I would even pay Fanatec money for a driver for Linux.

  • Well I don't know about the force feedback yet, but I do have a fix that works for me on the deadzone.

    Use the evdev-joystick tool to set the deadzone and it goes away. I think there is an incorrect default value. This is for the CS 2.5, it would likely work for other wheels, yuou would just need to change the locator id

    evdev-joystick --evdev /dev/input/by-id/usb-Fanatec_FANATEC_ClubSport_Wheel_Base_V2.5-event-joystick --axis 0 --deadzone 0

    now if we can just get force feedback working....

  • I am trying to get it working on linux now as well. Since Linux is definitely getting better with proton, in some cases already surpassing windows in game performance, I think it's time to invest in this

  • this command btw doesn't fix the deadzone for a DD1

  • That's unfortunate Remco Majoor, I am a bit surprised that the driver would work any differently than the other wheelbases, but of course it's possible.

    What does the deadzone value report on a dd1?

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    I found out, that for the CSL Elite Wheel there are two values that need to be changed: deadzone and fuzz. I've put the following in a udev rule:

    SUBSYSTEMS=="hid", KERNELS=="0003:0EB7:0005.????", RUN{program}+="/usr/bin/evdev-joystick --evdev $devnode --axis 0 --deadzone 0 --fuzz 0"

    Also, I've started to develop a driver to get FFB with the CSL Elite. It's in very early stage, but I get some forces in AC, ACC and F1 2020. Since I've no windows machine I can't tell how it should feel, though ;)

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