Fanatec preorders & COVID

It's fair to share positive story with fanatec buyers.

Well my story guess back few weeks when I read few threads on forum in which people stated bad expirience with Fanatec.

I have ordered my set ( CSW 2.5, GT2 BMW, F1 wheels) back on 22.April with estimated preorder date of 4.June. After some confusion there was availability date in orders page of my account which stated 3.7.

Which made me scared that I will receive my set in July or even later. To my luck on on 1.6. Serial numbers started to appear in orders page. For wheel base and one rim it was updated today.

To my biggest surprise 1 hour earlier UPS ringed to my door with everything delivered. So technicaly they missed estimation for 5 days. Which is perfectly acceptable with situation in the world.

So for everyone in same shoes that I was 2 hours back, keep tight I'm sure your stuff will be believered as soon as possible.

Believe my when I say wait is worth while, I'm stunned on quality of products ( coming from G29).

Best of luck everyone.


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