CSW 2.5 on DD 1/2 upgrade worth it?

Hey guys,

atm I'm struggling if I should do the Upgrade to one of the DD Base's. The DD2 seems to be immediately available atm. The main Question is it worth it to upgrade? I mean we have 8 NM with the CSW and nobody will run 20 NM ingame with a DD, probably around 10-11 NM. For me it isn't about getting quicker. The important thing is to get as much realism as possible, but also the cost-effectiness should be good compared to the CSW. Maybe someone did the upgrade and can help me with my decision. By the way I'm driving 90% of my Time iRacing F3 or Formula Renault 3.5.

Thanks guys!


  • An interesting thread I would love to know the opinion of more experienced people.

    I stand up myself, but from what I could read on the correct DD times will not affect, I will not use the power either, because I fly 85% with V2.5.

    But maybe there is something worth the extra payment.

  • Hi,

    some month ago i upgraded from CSL Elite PS4 to DD1 PS4 and this was a big step in realism! I think the DD1 is enough and you will never need a DD2 as i read in some other forums and you tube channels. But its definitely worth to upgrade from belt drive to direct drive. I started about 1 Year on PS4, then bought VR for PS4, DD1 on PS4, wanted more realistic, bought high end PC, valveIndex, NLR Motion Platform, love to do some Laps everyday on various Tracks in various Cars just to feel the Cars and it was a great choice to upgrade all that stuff :) good luck with your decision

  • I know that the difference between DD1 and DD2 isn't that much, but considering that you get the Kill Switch with the DD2 it's just 200€ more than the DD1. Also I never got an answer from Fanatec if the 22.06 which is actually the estimated shipping time for the DD1, can be confirmed. The DD2 is shippable immediately.

    I see your point, switching from CSL Elite to DD1 might be a big step, but how big is it from a CSW 2.5 considering that the CSW should be a lot better than the CSL Elite. I hoped for more guys which had done this step. I'm really still insecure what to do.

  • The CSW isn't actually all that huge a step up from the CSL Elite. It is perhaps in build quality but the performance is actually very similar. The jump to DD from either is very noticeable though - not only in potential torque but possibly more importantly in smoothness and speed.

    I went for the DD2 as I wanted the kill switch and the 5 year warranty - the kill switch is really useful just for powering the wheel off and on - it's difficult to reach the back of my unit. And the warranty is nice to have as these are still relatively new to market so longevity is unknown. I have it set so that peaks in heavier handling cars are around 14 - 15 n M. This is pretty manageable and feels "real" - I'm a giant though so some may be happy with less than this! It is a workout though - I've seen a change in muscle definition on arms and shoulders. You soon get used to higher torque settings and wonder how you were ever happy with less!

  • So yesterday I orded the DD2, let's see how big this step is, thanks to everyone! I will post my Feedback in here when driving for the first time with the DD2. Hopefully they are quick with the shipping since I live in Germany and the Website shows Shipping immediately.

  • 309/5000

    Great, I hope that on Monday you will enjoy DD, be sure to write how big this jump from CSW V2.5 is.

    Personally, I went with the Thrustmaster T500 and it was a huge step in the reception of FFB and the feeling of the car on the track.

    I also compared OSW with v2.5 and for me the Fanatec v2.5 database was definitely better.

  • I have just posted a very similar question.

    i am very curious as to delivery and then thoughts about the upgrade

  • Okay Guys, I was able to Test the DD2 in depth now and came to a conclusion. It is worth it. I know the price difference is really a lot and you could buy two csw 2.5 with that, but here my points why the upgrade is worth it:

    • Control: Well we are driving because we want to control the car and after I drove multiple Formula and GT Cars I was immediately able to control the car, catch over/understeering. It feels just natural as you would drive a normal street car and this imersion is just so much better compared to the csw 2.5. The problem is that driving the v2.5 seems quite good, as long as you drive a DD wheel. I can tell you that I had really much fun with my v2.5 but after driving a DD wheel I would never go back again.
    • Do you get faster? In my opinion yes! You can almost feel everytime where the limit is and getting to the limit of a car is what makes you faster, but also dealing with the limit and catching under/oversteering can make you faster. There is a good documentation of Michael Schumacher and he is telling why he thinks he is faster than the other drivers and he is saying because he can feel the limit of the car and in that case take more speed into corners etc.
    • Precision: Continuing the faster section, you have much more smoothness and precision with the DD2, the consequence is you make less errors (especially in Qualifying Laps!).
    • Configuration: So much more possibilities in configuration which helps a lot to adapt the wheel to your driving style, here I can only thank @Maurice Böschen because he posted more or less every (fanalab) config for almost every car in iracing, f1 or acc. I used that as a base and adapted it to my needs, but yeah this helped a lot to save time.
    • Force: Lastly what everyone knows the DD wheel has much more force than the csw 2.5 which has not really impressed me because it was just that little bit more imersion, but this is not the main reason because I love this base, that is why I mention this point at the end.

    I want to mention that I'm just a private person I don't get any payment by Fanatec, this is just my experience switching from csw 2.5 to dd2. Please feel free to contact me if you need further information, but I think everything is said with my first sentence in this post :)



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    Thank you very much for this description of the DD database.

    First impressions are the best and comparison to 2.5 is what I am looking for.

    Hear a review of a colleague from Poland who was also delighted with DD2, comparing to 2.5 and I was very focused on buying. He shares your opinion.

    That was for the first week.

    He also talked about a huge problem with the installation of drivers, which how to install, road through torment, total defeat.

    Finally, DD2 broke down during this week, began to make strange knocks. He sent DD2 and asked for a refund.

    He decided that it was too expensive for such things to take place, and the fact that to this day there is a problem with the operation of the Porsche wheel in random cases.

    It is a pity because the Fanatec system is what I like and I would like to give it up.

    I will be grateful if you describe your impression after a few days.

    I can ask you to share these settings for ACC @Maurice Böschen

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