Order Delayed Because of F1 Game Preorder?

Hey guys,

I ordered a CSL Elite F1 wheel and pedals bundle on the 14th that is still stuck on "order processed". All of these items are in stock but haven't shipped yet. Would me preordering F1 2020 cause the entire order to get delayed? It would make no sense why it would but Fanatec's fulfillment system is a bit of a mess.


  • Hi Steven,

    The F1 game shouldn't play role since they will sent (?) a digital activation code i guess and not a physical CD or something.

    If it is saying "order processed" and not "under process", it means you might be one stage before shipping or shipped already.

    If you are in USA, a mail might be sent from FedEx or USPS or Claudia Sysak @ Suddath Global Logistics.

    FANATEC is so slow (understandable) that you might receive a tracking number after you have received the package.

    In Europe they use UPS. Just give them some time cause you have ordered on Sunday and usually takes 1-2 days if order has been done during the weekend.

    Let us know how it went. All the above are from post of other members in the Forum and their experience so far.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I'm in Canada so hopefully it's been shipped already.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Your F1 code will be sent in a seperate email and no reflection on your order being delayed. Keep in mind for Canada it is 7-10 days and depending on customs processing, could be longer.

  • I got a email saying my package “shipped” on the 12th. Finally received a tracking number last night. USPS did not pick it up untill this morning. I live in Canada as well. I hope this is not the case for you but it looks like untill you get that tracking number it may not have actually shipped and was just released to ship.

  • For Canadians even after you get your tracking # you will not have any better information as to when your package will arrive.

    I think my gear is in Forest Gumps Backpack since it left 16 days ago and is still en route to Canada

    As much as we hope others with not share our experience I am afraid you are in for a long wait.

    I ordered ready to ship items May 29th, got an email with USPS tracking numbers from Claudia on June 1, and it has been nothing but crickets chirping since.

    Dan, Steve, and other Canadians let us know if you are seeing a huge delay on tracking updates after the package leaves LA.

  • Yep, I’m in the same boat as you. Had a package ship June 1st and 3rd and are still “in transit” to Canada. Weirdly enough I had another package from them ship June 10th and it’s already reached canada(toronto) where I’m located.

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