Hello, and good bye, Fanatec, pre ordered based on "availability date" one week prior, 3 days after "availability date", it changes to 45 days later, my email asking what is going on takes 6 days to reply and say the order will be shipped in over 30 days.

All the excuses, you knew, coronavirus is not new, you are just lying slowly trying to not lose business, that is not respectful with your clients, you should be better than this.

You may have great engineering, so I hear, if you are not honest, I don't want to be part of business.

Cancelling my order, one day there will be a respectable company with good engineering doing this.


  • If you feel like that, what would you gain by signing up today fro the first time and writing this post in a public forum?

    Anyway, bye and forget to write to us. You will be missed. 😂

  • To let others know?

    How they're managing their business is not good. I assume with the boom in the market, they'll quickly be competitors along. Unless Fanatec get their shit together, they wont be around for long

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    Hmm I think atm they are the only ones who can still ship sim racing gear (over entry lvl quality) gear but will go out of business? I'm not defending them at all but look what the "competition" is doing... out of stock, next batch in september, projected production vs demand maybe catch up in q4 2020. What's the alternative wait 'til September/October place the order and hope you are one of the lucky one who will receive gear?

    With all the pandemic stuff I'm ok to wait 2 months till shipping

    Ps: Leo Bodnar SimSteering2 FFB System is on sale for 3300 eur :)

  • people ... (laughing behind my screen) people will never understand how things work well if you want too you can buy every part of the assembly to make it yourself. lets see if you can do better and make it before we get our things

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    Let others know what, that the other 4627 comments on the 247 topics that have been written recently about similar issues?

    And Fanatec going out of business? A company that started in the late 90's and by 2006 went public in the stock market?

    Are we serious now?

    Yeah they are behing in productions because of all the known factors and their sales department is swamped not providing the service they should be.

  • So

    So by your authority, we should all shut up and take your word as the end of it? Well I wont. And frankly we are serious.

    And to imply that once successful companies can't go out of business or don't have responsibility to take care of customers is ludicrous. Ever hear of Sears? KMart? Montgomery Wards? Every American car company?

    Fanatec needs this sort of feedback and other customers appreciate where others stand and that they themselves aren't the only ones getting the shaft.

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    Did I say to shut up? Don't think so.

    There are a gazillion other threads that the first time poster and then to be disappeared member (that will not come back to write about the quality and the positive of his gear when received like so many others) can go and make his comment inside those threads. Simple.

    The rest of the users are tired to see and navigate through the same threads over and over again and search in the back pages for their posts and daily knowledge.

    My word? My authority? What are you talking about? I am just a member here. But with a lot more experience and understanding in business modules. You cannot compare all these US companies retail companies with a fraction of their size German Electronics company. Excluding the car manufacturers (cause different business model and different size) from all what you are comparing. If you are to compare something better compare "oranges with oranges" and "apples with apples".

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