Order proccesed, no tracking updates

Hi all, just curious, i ordered last Friday, today i get order proccesed and it changed to "warehouse proccesing". I wonder if this state means that my order will be shipped reasonably soon, if tracking info will delay so much as other people are telling into the forum, or what. Mainly because i didn't buy everything that i was wanting, it was just a try to see what happened buying "available" products.

I would like to complete the purchase, so, what do you recommend

(sorry if im impatient asking this)


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    The shipping partners would be preparing your order for the courier to pick up. There could be a delay but usually ships not long after. Just don't check the status every couple of hours or it will feel very long 😉


  • Tomas MirandaTomas Miranda Member
    edited June 2020

    What a different kind of comments. First, i'll drop here my order number: 1104345.

    Just in case Dominic Brennan see this discussion so he can give me some updates.

    Dominic, if u see this, please let me know when it's shipped, or not, don't matter tracking info at all, just if it's shippied. Why? I'm in Argentina, and the order'll be shipped to a Courier mail post that will bring it to Arg. So... i should let they know if the products are on their way!

    Well... Ryan, i could say that i'm not expecting at all that they will lie me and do whatever they want, i really understand their situation: 5x demand on their products, lockdown worldwide, half of the world is stopped. Of course, many other business around the world are in the same situation and not acting like this, but you know, Fanatec make awesome products so, i guess they're not stupid and will not screw up all the reputation they made through the years.

    I understand you too, it's so frustrating, probably if i'm in your situation i would be sooo mad. Come on Fanatec!

  • Try to track the package by reference number instead of package number. It should work for. Use your order number or account number as a reference.

  • Thx for your reply Otto! I'm searching into FedEx tracking, by reference number, using Customer no. or Order no. but no lucky at all. What surprises me is, that into the invoice details, says "Delivery date: 06/29/2020". It means that is already shipped?

  • If your order status is " The order has been processed.", they are preparing your stuff for shipment. It could take a few days. For my orders with UPS, I could track the package after 2 days.

  • @Tomas I was in the same boat as you. Ordered last Friday and got my confirmation order on Monday the 29th. Usually the tracking email is sent right after that but obviously that's not the case now. I finally got my tracking info today and will receive my items tomorrow the 3rd. Hope you're getting your stuff soon! I originally ordered on 15 May but the shifter kept pushing the order date so I cancelled and re ordered w/o the shifter.

  • Hi Michael. I'm very happy to hear that! I received tracking updates at the same time as u, but i pay for FedEx Ground service so it will arrive aprox on 7/7. So.. Looks like Fanatec's team are doing their best.

    What about your products? Everything was ok? Are you satisfied? Tell me something, i'm looking forward to test it and can't wait!!! It must still arrives to Argentina *cries*

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