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So, I have just received my Fanatec DD1 for PS4, shifter and the V3 pedals.

My problem is that the pedals dont work…..I have connected them whit the RJ Cable that came whit the Podium DD1 like the instructions said, but they don't get recognition, and won't work.

They do show up when I plug it via the usb to my pc.

I have managed to download the lates firmware for the motor, wheel and shifter and pedals.

Also manage to calibrate them all and see them fine. But the pedals are not showing up at all when connected to the motor?

In fanalab the motor and wheel shows up correct, but pedals show up in white and says (undetected)?

Any tips on how to fix this?

Ps: I first connected the RJ cable on the other side from the USB port, I later see that I should use the slot on the same side as the usb. So it should be connect correct….I have tried several restarts but no luck :(

How do you connect the RJ cable? Its the slot right next to the usb slot right, not the one on the other side?

Hope anyone can help

Cheers Kenneth


  • Are the pedals working when you attach them via USB?

    Did you ever connected them to the Pedal Port of the DD base via RJ12 and via USB to the PC at the same time?

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    Yes I managed to get the pedals showing up, and installed the lates firmware for them.

    Problem seems to be the RJ connection…They don't connect to the DD1 at all.

    I see them on Fanalab too (via usb only), but separate from the first (unknown set that show up in white), where they should show up as the V3 pedals.

    I use the RJ connection from the Podium box (But have tried both, the one that came whit the pedals).

    I use the same side for the RJ as the USB port, and connect them to the slot under the torc key on the motor.

    Why won't they show up or work?

    Ps. again…They do work via usb to my pc. (so must be the RJ in my head?

    Any tips?

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    Did you ever connected them to the Pedal Port of the DD base via RJ12 and via USB to the PC at the same time?

    Sounds like you did, which would explain the issue because you only connect either RJ12 or USB but never both at the same time because otherwise the RJ12 port on either Base or Pedal immediately is dead...

    PS: There never was a firmware update for the v3 pedals since they were released 5 years ago so please dont try to flash the firmware for the pedals...

  • I did not connect them at the same time, I switched between sides but only one cable at the time.

    How can I trouble shot this?

    Do they need to be send back? Really hope not :(

  • This is a true nightmare….I have bought a brand new P1-X and 3200 euros of new Fanatec gear, and then this had to happen :( Its actually my daughters 18 years birthday present, and via great people at Fanatec and Sim lab I got it here today as hoped.

    Now I have worked for hours to get this pedals to work, but whit zero luck.

    How can I sort this out? Contact Fanatec? Any other ideas?

  • OMG I'm soo gutted :(

    Can you tag people here?

    @Dominic Brennan have been great help true the shipping process, maybe he can help?

    Cheers Kenneth

  • For now, just use them on your PC via USB.

    For PS4, set the F1 wheel so that the analog paddles are Gas and Brake.

    This will let you enjoy your purchase while you troubleshoot.

    Then, you want to go into your account, find the wheelbase or the breaks and click the link to open a support ticket.

    Fanatec support can help figure out if a port was damaged.

    If you happen to have anyone nearby who owns a fanatec pedal set, you might ask to borrow them for 5 minutes and connect them to the DD1.

    Even the CSL pedals will work for this - ideally you you would confirm that the DD1 is ok, which narrows the scope to the controller box under the pedal set.

  • Hola Jack.

    Thanks for your response.

    I have made a support ticket and are waiting to hear back still.

    Sadly I dont know anyone whit Fanatec pedals, I live in a small town in Spain.

    Can I use the pedals on ps4 via the USB? I tried that, but did not seem to work. I can use the wheel, and shifter, all is good there. Can you tell me how to connect the pedals via usb so my daughter can drive while we wait?

    Ps: I used a old Laptop when doing firmware update and downloaded Fanalab. So I cant play games on PC. I will get a gaming PC end of this week I hope. The laptop even just have Win 8 ;)

    Hope Fanatec help me fix this fast. Really sad when its a BD gift for my 18. Y/O daughter.

    A help to make the pedals work via usb would be really appreciated.

    Cheers Kenneth

  • You can not connect the pedals via USB to a console, thats a PC exclusive feature. On console they always have to be connected to the wheel base.

  • Ok…Thanks Maurice.

    Have to wait for support to solve the problem then.


  • I will get a new PC in 4-5 days tho…Then we will mainly used that. So will hopefully get to drive this week at least ;)

  • Hi Kenneth,

    When your pedals are connected to your base (and disconnected from the USB) what is the base screen showing you (above the example of the screen interested on the top line that shows mode, torq and then the items connected on the base ports)?

    If you are in game on PS4 again what is showing you?

    Did you try them on PS4 in game?

    Can you also sent a picture with the connection ports of the base and the connections on the pedal box?

  • Hola Alexandros.

    The display on the base show the Wheel and Gears, but not the pedals that shows in your picture (Last icon).

    Same on PS4. Pedals only show up via USB on my laptop.

    Still have not gotten a response from Tec…Thats sad, 3200 euros purchase and they use a week to even respond?

    Hope to hear something soon.

    (Even considering to order a new pedal and F1-wheebase for another 2k, and return this set…If thats a faster way to resolve this.

    Really gutted :(


  • Did you get an automated email when you submitted your tech request?

    Red here that they have been facing issues that people are submitting inquiries and they don't get through.

    All of them had 1 thing in common that they didn't receive the automated mail which was a hint that ticket was not registered.

    If the base is working in PS4 normally and also shows the wheel and shifter I don't think it is a base problem.

    Might also be the windows 8 and the full software was not done correctly (not by your fault but because win8 is not compatible).

    Again very strange behavior.

  • I got a email. Also Dom from this forum have been helping me, and have seen my support ticket, so I know Im in line…They must be super busy…5 days and no reply soon.

    Hope I hear something and get this resolved tomorrow


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    I have to say that I’m not to impressed by the customer service Fanatec have shown me.

    I send them a email same days as I got the parts. Because the pedals won’t connect to the base via the RJ cable. 

    I made a huge order, Fanatec DD1 for PS4, V3 Pedals, Shifter and one extra Porsche suede Podium wheel…This was all 3200 euros. (No discount at all, and you get 99 euros discount just for getting a PC DD1 whit a F-1 wheel and a pedal set for 2000 euros)

    Anyway, when customer service finally did reply 3 days ago, the guided me true a reboot of the whole system, like drivers etc. 

    Sadly this did not solve the problem, and after another 24 hours they replied whit this email: 

     Hi Kenneth, 

    Thank you for replying and for the detailed feedback. 

    In this case, in order for us to confirm where the issue comes from, we will need to call in the wheelbase and the pedals in for further inspection. We cannot replace the main PCBA, because we cannot be sure that the issue comes from it. There is also a possibility the issue to be within the port on the wheelbase and this leaves us with the following options: 

    1) Please take a picture of the brake vibration motor cable so we can check it for any damage and also please take a picture of the pedal port so we can inspect the pins (if there is a pin bent, loose connection can cause such issues. Then we can take it from there. 

    2) We can call both the Wheelbase and Pedals straight away for analysis to our workshop and further investigate where the issue comes from. In case the issue is material or production related, we will go ahead and replace the defective unit for you. 

    In case the issue is caused by an user error, then you would have to be charged for the repair, spare parts and shipping

    3) We can create a quote for a new PCBA for your pedals (the PCBA will cost €20 plus shipping) in case you wish to go ahead for CSP V3 PCBA replacement straight away. 

    I will be looking forward to your reply! 

    In the meantime, in case you have any questions, issues or concerns, please let me know. I will be glad to help!  

    SO…I have to either return the wheel and pedals, and wait for them to repair/replace theyre faulty part, or pay 20 Euros to get a new main PCBA board and a RJ cable, so I can see if the pedals are the problem first.

    Because this was a gift for my 18Y/O daughter, I do not have the heart to send it all from Spain and wait 2 months to get this sorted. 

    This resolved in me kind of feeling pressured to choose to pay the 20 euros for a new PCBA+RJJ cable and hope that solved the problem…So I told them to send me a PayPal request for the 20 euros and I would pay right away so we could get this fixed. 

    This was 2 days ago. 

    Still waiting for a response so I can get the part I need. 

    I have explained to them that this is a gift for my daughter, and that I have even bought a new gaming PC that will arrive tomorrow, so she can at least drive via PC while we wait. (The pedals works fine via USB). 

    I feel they should add-knowledge my Inconveniences whit my purchase, and it also feels strange to pay to get a faulty part replaced. 

    Ether a shipping of new pedals where I could send the faulty one back after or at the same time as getting the new one’s, so I won’t get to spend time whit no pedals at all…..That would be best, but also shipping of the PCBA board and a set of cables are ok. I can live whit that. 

    Not really fair to have to pay for this tho. Also, can’t be user error, I have never gotten to use it...From the first time I plugged al parts in and powered up, the pedals have NOT shown up in the wheelbase monitor like the shifter and wheel do. 

    But to get this resolved whit-out having to send all back and wait even longer I will rather pay for the Cable and PCBA, because I suspect/hope this is the Issue (not the base), and use the set on PC while waiting. 

    It’s also takes days to get a response to every email. I understand they are busy, but when a customer open a ticket to get a faulty part fixed, they should follow up a bit faster IMO. 

    Just wanted to let you knoW how I feel about this. 

    Anyway, we are now trying at least 

    Hope to hear from them again today so we can see if a new cable and PCBA plate will solve this issue. 

    So…Not very happy whit Fanatec customer service this far :(. 

    Only Dom on this forum have been helpful. 

    Rant over….Hehe. 

    Ps. I was also promised the F1 2020 game for PC for 1 euro when I made this 3200 euro purchase, this was not included in the shipment.(Guess they were sold out when I made the payment) I have asked customer service about this too, but I don’t know If I will get it yet. 

    Cheers Kenneth

  • Hi Keneth,

    Sorry for your inconvenience and I am stunned on the way you are dealing with it. Other users in this forum have been going apeshit for less than your troubles.

    Maybe when you replace the PCBA and cable and it works (if this is the problem you can ask for a refund since this was the problem).

    Regarding the game they don't sent you a disc but I think a download link in an email and the code to download it should be in your account in the website of Fanatec.



  • Hola Alexandros.

    Yeah I have to admit this is really frustrating :(

    Fanatec just send me a new email an hour ago, and despite that I in my previous email stated that I would prefer alternative 3:

    Them shipping a new PCBA board and a new cable. (So we could try that first. I live in Spain so sending all back would take 6-8 weeks easy, and I now have a new PC tomorrow, so we can use the pedals via USB wile waiting for this to get fixed at least).

    So I asked them to send me a Paypal invoice for the part and shipping as they asked for, and I would pay that asap so they could send it out In my last email.

    When I got a replay today, they don't even send me the PayPal Invoice and ship this like I asked 3 days ago, but rather ask again If thats what I want :(.

    So I told them again to please send me a PayPal request and I would pay asap to get the RJ connection plate and cable shipped out.

    Let pray they can manage this before Monday…Lol. Its crazy.

    But I hope and think a new RJ cable/plate will solve the problem, so I will return the faulty part and ask for a refund for this later.

    (Also, he told me he should get the F1 game sorted, thats a plus at least. Lol.



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    Its a.joke….Has to be…….

    I have still not received a reply after I last week told them 2 times to go ahead and ship me a new RCBA plate and pedals, and I would. pay the 20 euros + shipping if they just send me a PayPal request.

    (this was one of the 2 options they gave me to fix this, the other was to ship all back and they would fix it there, but I live in Spain and that would take months.

    So I actually bought a gaming PC this Friday so my daughter can use it while we fix the pedal issue.

    It works fine on PC, only not via the RJ cable to the wheel, only via USB.

    Thats why I believe its the RJ cable, of the RJ connector plate on the pedals. So a new RJ cable and RCBA plate should fix this.

    If its not solving the issue, its obviously a problem whit the DD1, and whit the speed Fanatec customer service are taking….. My trial period for returns probably expires long before I even get a reply :(

    I feel like its a huge joke.

    Super unhappy customer…..When you buy 3200 euros of gear, its ok if its a problem, the point is how the sellers solved this problem for the customer that counts.

    So far Fanatec is the worst I have encountered in years.

    Back whit updates when I get a reply.


  • Hi Kenneth,

    Any updates on your issue?

    Was it solved at the end?

  • Update:

    So, I received a new pedal plate and cable from Fanatec last week, so we could rule out if pedals were the issue.

    Sadly this did not work….I still cant connect the pedals to the base.

    Since all works fine if I connect them via usb tho, I bought a new gaming PC so we can use it while waiting.

    Fanatec have been very slow answering emails, but after the change of RJ cable and pedal plate, they gave me 2 options.

    1: Return both the DD1 and the pedals and they would solve/replace them.

    or 2: Return both the wheel and pedals whit in 30 days, and get a full refund.

    So since I now have a gaming PC and wont use the DD1 on PlayStation, I made a new order for a DD1 for PC whit the v2 F1 rim, paddle module and a new set of pedals that was shipped out yesterday according to Fanatec, tho I have not received a tracking number yet.

    So finally it looks like things are getting solved….I will get a refund for the faulty DD1/pedals, and have already ordered a new set.

    Have to say I really love how smooth and awesome the DD1 and V3 pedals are. Its amazing ;)

    Last update will come when all is sorted.


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