Fanatec Clubsport Shifter H Pattern not registering

I recently received my clubsport shifter and upon plugging it in and heading over to the calibration tab in settings for fanatec wheel properties, after running through the calibration process it still does not register any gear. But, if I switch it over to sequential the 2GS works by confirming the red square in each. Yet, the H pattern shows nothing. I have the cable plugged into shifter1 on my csl elite. I do have the podium hub, not a wheel (I use a wooden aftermarket car wheel). I've searched up and down the forums and google searches and see others have the issue but no resolutions. Is anyone able to help me with this? I sent an email to support but was hoping to get help sooner.

Thank you.


  • In the same boat as you and I have had no luck. Not working at all. Flashed firmware and tried to calibrate again multiple times and same result as you

  • Hey Sean, just seeing if you were able to figure out how to get the shifter working properly yet? I have ran through every generic troubleshooting option out there, both from fanatec and online forums. I'm assuming we have defective units and will need to unfortunately RMA them. I'm still waiting to hear back from support though to confirm anything.


  • UPDATE: The shifter is working! I was unaware there were official drivers on the forums here. I was on driver 347 and after updating to driver 365 I was able to calibrate the shifter and after testing in a game I can confirm it is working. Use the link below to download the new driver, flash your firmware and you should be able to calibrate your shifter. Cheers!

  • Aaaaand now another issue. V3 pedals quit working all of a sudden. Mid game they just quit. Went into properties and the pedals disappeared. I then tried plugging them directly into the pc via usb and they were recognized. I configured them, flashed the firmware, reconfigured. Says they are recolonized, yet in every game I try the pedals do nothing.

  • Got the pedals working by plugging them into the pc directly and re configuring controls in each game. Now I noticed the FFB on the csl elite is just not right. There's a deadzone almost in the middle and an inch or two each direction. The belt is no longer feeling smooth and feels clunky. And at speed the steering is more loose, while at low speed the wheel is very hard to turn. I swear, I spend more time fixing and keeping things working than I do actually using this setup.

  • Do you possibly have a deadzone set up in whatever game you are playing? Its usually an option in most racing games so you have moslre stability on straights and such.

  • I seem to be experiencing the same issue as the OP, using a Clubsport DD wheelbase and PC DRIVER 429. In comp mode CSW v2.5 for Dirt 2.0 and PC2 compatibility. Weirdly, it will recognize when going to sequential, but H pattern is a no go and the inputs are just not picked up while in game or in the Fanatec software menu.

    Appreciate any help. Just got this equipment after waiting several months for the order to be shipped and other than this small issue, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the equipment and experience.

  • More information.

    After uninstall and reinstall of Fanatec Control Panel software the same thing is happening. This is occurring in PC mode and CSW 2.5 mode, no different. It will immediately recognize when sequential is selected and the position of the shifter will be represented by the dots but in H pattern, no dots and no recognition.

  • Resolution: Interference from the metal rig seems to have been the culprit. After noticing a 'Sft' message on the wheel lcd when attempting to recalibrate the shifter, removing the DD from the rig and calibrating disconnected resolved the issue completely.

  • I'm bumping an old thread, but I've just had the same problem. Kris's mention of interference helped me find the cause - in my case it was caused by a usb extension cable. Plugging the wheel base directly into the pc solved the problem.

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