V3 Pedals and F1 2020 - Wheel Spin and Lock Up Feedback to Throttle and Brake Pedal Motors

Is it possible to detect wheel spin and locking up, in F1 2020, with the V3 throttle and brake pedal rumble motors, with TC and ABS assists disabled?


  • Not yet because FanaLab doesn’t support F1 2020 yet but an update is coming very soon with F1 2020 support so you then can control these vibrations.

  • Robert ConleyRobert Conley Member
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    Thanks Maurice Böschen - so you don't think there is some way to get this to work natively in F1 2020 with standard fanatec drivers? Or will have to use FanaLab?

    (PC - CS 2.5, Formula v2 wheel, CS V3 Pedals)

  • No, codemasters didn’t implemented vibration feature natively into the game. You have to use other tools to make that possible.

  • So if it's not in the game natively, what is the trigger that is used to detect wheel spin and lock up in a third-party app like fanalab?

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    Telemetry Data output in UDP.

  • Wheelspin and Lock up are in the telemetry data?

  • Yes. Thats what FanaLab converts into vibration.

  • Nice Thanks Maurice - Does FanaLab work with all wheelbases from fanatec, including the 2.5? (or I guess I could plug pedals into USB directly)

  • yes, FanaLab is for all Fanatec Wheel Bases (some are limited in functionality because of not so advanced electronics like the CSL Elite, CSL Elite 1.1 and CSW v2 which all dont support Tuning Menu feature, but all other bases are fully compatible).

  • Robert ConleyRobert Conley Member
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    Seems like you have the inside track on new releases of Fanalab for F1 2020. Any idea when that would be available?

    BTW I tried to install Fanalab 1.23 and got this error message, despite my fanatec wheel properties saying I am fully up to date.

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    Well, the issue is self-explaining, isnt it? You use driver 328 but FanaLab needs driver 352 or higher...

    As those are beta drivers (as well as FanaLab) you can only find them here in the forum in the beta driver part.

    Do NEVER trust what the installer tells you - all it checks is if you have the included Firmwares installed but it does not check if there is a newer driver available.

    Regarding a new FanaLab version with F1 2020 support.. Cant say a specific date but very soon.

  • So I have to use Beta drivers for my wheelbase to get Fanalab to work?

    Have you encountered problems with Beta drivers?

  • Yes, for known issues see the first post of the driver 365 thread.

  • Robert ConleyRobert Conley Member
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    Ok - Well, I have the new beta driver installed, now I guess we just wait for F1 2020 support....

    I really hope that the devs get the implementation right. It does no good to have these pedal motors vibrate with TC and ABS assists on. The whole point of the motors is to give force feedback when there is Wheelspin and Locking up with assists turned off.

  • How do we get notified of the new fanalab release?

  • Any chance we can make the pedal motors spin earlier - before lockup and spin - and not after it? There seems like a delay now, and by the time the vibration is happening, it is too late to avoid spin or lock.

  • Nope, not possible. It's only Telemetry based, you cant let them spin before Telemetry signal was send to Fanalab.

  • I've heard that this works better on Fanaled, and am wondering if there are any parameters you could add to the interface that would increase the sensitivity or vibration feedback to make it better?

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