What commands to you assign to the buttons?

I have 11+ buttons on the BMW M2 wheel. For rF2, what commands do you most commonly assign wheel buttons to?


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    This would really depend on the category of cars you drive. Mostly brake bias, TCS,ABS, Pit limiter, Wipers,lights, LCD display mode, seat +/-

  • Thanks, pretty much what I expected. I'll probably end up with a half dozen profiles or so.....

  • I just got my wheel, etc., so I'm late to the show. But I wanted to mention that VoiceAttack works very well with RFactor2 and Fanatec. You can do voice commands (obviously) but you can also do macros, programming with if-then statements, compares, variables, etc. I do a combination of voice and joystick/keyboard mapping. For example, I say "center" to have VA send the keystrokes to center VR. "Garage" takes me directly from the track to the garage. Other less commonly used commands like wipers, lights, display a specific MFD screen, etc. can be voice so they don't take up valuable buttons. My most important voice command is "What time is it?" so it can tell me if it's 2 o'clock in the morning or whatever. Since I'm racing in VR, the keyboard is out of the question so VA is a game-saver for me.

  • yes, up to people and car but ....

    Pitstop request, Pit limiter, light, TCS ....

  • Hi , this is my setup for my BMW V2 wheel .

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