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Changelog since version 1.47

Rev-LED flash pattern (new feature)

The pattern you select for the "Rev LED Flash" (1) will flash when the engine RPM reaches the set threshold (2). In the example picture all LEDs will flash in red when the RPM threshold of 89.87% is reached. By default this feature is deactivated and the flash will happen in the general pattern of your Rev-LEDs.

Improvements and fixes

  • Updated mouse hover hints for all languages
  • Updated WRC wheel image
  • Updated CSW V2 base image
  • Fixed inconsistencies of text elements
  • Upated DD1 and DD2 recommended profiles for AC and ACC
  • Fixed yellow flag LED function not working in iRacing
  • Improved ITM UI
  • Fixed iR speed was always in MPH (hotfix after 1.51)
  • Added ITM Brake Balance values for new cars of Assetto Corsa Competizione

Known Issues / Workaround:

  • If FanaLab doesn't start this can be fixed by deleting the Fanalab folder in C:\users\[username]\AppData\Local\PodiumControl and then restarting Fanalab. Please send me the log files after solving the issue, it's described at the end of this post how to collect logs

Download (only if you've read everything above!):

Link to compatible driver version:

How to report issues:

  • List which hardware, driver and firmware you are using
  • Cross check with other settings, games and wheels to see if it's a general issue or specific with to a game, wheel or setting.
  • Is it happening with just one game (which one) or all you tried.
  • Go into detail how we can reproduce the issue.
  • Post screenshots or videos if needed.
  • In case of a FanaLab crash, use the "Collect Logs" feature under "Settings" and upload them here.



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