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  • when connected to the base you can choose the correct picture by clicking on the grey dropdown arrow.

    Doesnt have any functionality changes, its just for visuals.

  • How can i use Fanalab on the CSL Elite Wheelbase

  • Just install it.... ;D

    Only the Tuning Menu cant be used on CSL Elite v1 and V1.1, all the Rest is working fine.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator
    edited November 2020

    FanaLab 1.53 (hotfix)

    Now available for download below and on the first page.

    • Fixed ClubSport Pedals V3 vibration not working if plugged in via USB
    • Added correct Brake Balance values to ITM for the new cars of Assetto Corsa Competizione

  • Just a small suggestion for Fanalab which could mean a lot. we can load/save profiles. It would be really handy if we could name the setup numbers in the tuning menu. Maybe next to the number. I would like to save that with the profile. Example 1 (mazda) 2. (Porsche cup) 3 (Porsche RSR). 4. (BMW Z4) 5 . (Dalara F3)

    With other profiles I would save other carnames or perhaps types

    It doesn't need to work like that in the displays. Would be nice however that will not be simple. If I was a sofware engineer at your company I could develop this in Fanalab in 1 hour. It would make Fanalab so much more usable



  • You can name your profiles within Fanalab, why would need to name the only 5 available setups then?

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks for the suggestion but we already work on saving profiles per car and automatically load them for the current car. I think that's a way better solution.

    Your suggestion doesn't really work that way because a profile only saves one of the 5 setups (the one which is currently active when saving and then also only loads and puts you in this setup again.

  • Somebody experiencing Crashes to Desktop on Raceroom while using Fanalabs?

    I've heard about it. At least one of my teammates could solve his Ctd with disabling Fanalabs.

    I'm experiencing Ctd, too. Will definitely try without Fanalabs now.

  • Made the Jump to a PC tonight and I am lost in my settings and the totaly different feeling...

    i am a complete rookie from windows (apart from the basic stuff)

    is there a manual for fanalab? 😇

    in example... how do we enter the rar files I have downloaded from Maurice?

    how do we get to synchronize the rpm leds etc 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Anyone experiencing the same problem: Updated to 1.53 (Using latest v380 RC driver) and no device is showing up. In the property page I can see the device and can do my changes, but Fanalab doesn't show up any device.

    What I have done so far:

    • Rebooted
    • Deleted Podium folder in AppData
    • Reinstalled driver & Fanalab
    • started Fanalab with Admin-Rights
    • started Fanalab in compatibility Mode Win7-8
    • used multiple USB Ports

    Thanks, maybe there is a simple solution on this

  • Dennis,

    Still running 1.47 and experiencing same crashes on Raceroom with or w/o Fanalab. Raceroom has been very slow to open/connect/load in the last month or so and has misbehaved and sent me to desktop frequently. 2 minute load for a track /car setup that loads in 15-20 seconds in ACC or AMS2 (great VR BTW).

    Planning to load 1.53 today.

    Take care.

  • did you install the driver and Fanalab in their default location? So both are on the same drive which should C:

  • Did you install the driver and Fanalab in their default location? Both should be installed on the same drive, which is C:

  • Hi Gianluca,

    You have installe dthe driver AND Fanalab to their default locations?

  • Extract the RAR to a location where you can find it easily (like Documents).

    In FanaLab, under Game Profile, you will find the Import button. Find the car profile, hit Load, and then Save. This will ensure a copy of the profile gets saved under FanaLab. It does not save back to the original file.

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Hey Gianluca,

    Wouldn't hurt to also try deleting the Fanatec devices from Control Panel/Devices and Printers then restart and plug in the wheel again.

  • Thanks buddy.

    Will try it tonight. 😀

    Will this create an extra profile on the existing 5 that show as bullet points on top of the list under each game?

  • Jep I did. I have only one drive, so this wasn't the problem. I downgraded Windows Version to 1903 and it worked. So I think it is more a Windows related problem. I will double check and re-upgrade my PC today. I'm already in contact with Marcel.

  • Maurice with regards to your profiles for Fanalab.

    Can you please clarify what you mean in the .txt file in the iRacing profiles folder that says

    "Calculation to adapt to DD1: FF multiplied with 1.25"

    Do you mean to multiply the "Max force: first number of the profile name" by 1.25 ?

    Thanks for clarifying

  • Im not Maurice but as he made his profiles with a DD2 in order to get the same strength out of a DD1, you need to set the FF on your wheelbase 1,25x times higher than on a DD2.

  • No. The profile will load and overwrite that existing profile set that's being loading on to.

  • Austen ChenAusten Chen Member
    edited November 2020

    Yup. Multiple the max force and the FF by 1.25, but divide the wheel force by 1.25 for the DD1.

  • OK hold on, now I am really confused. The txt file that Maurice included in the iRacing profiles folder says the following

    "Calculation to adapt to DD1: FF multiplied with 1.25 (If FF is already at 100 then additionally Max Force divided by 1.25)"

    What does he mean by Force Feedback (FF)? Does he mean the FF slider in Fanalab when you load the car profile you are using or does he mean the Max Force slider in iRacing? Or does he mean multiply both by 1.25?

    As an example lets use the

    iRacing Global Mazda MX-5 Cup - 40 I 25Nm.pws

    Am I correct that you would multiply the 40 (Max Force Value) by 1.25 = 50 and then change the Max Force Slider in iRacing to 50?

    As well are you saying you would also change the FF setting to 50 in Fanalab? As I read previously Maurice said not to change anything in Fanalab when using these profiles only load the profile and make the changes to the iRacing in game settings.


  • Fanalab is not detecting my CSL Elite wheelbase. It sees the pedals, as they are directly connected to my PC. The wheel is powered up, and works fine in Iracing, but Fanalab doesn't see it. Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • which driver and which FanaLab version do you have installed? Is the Wheel Base correctly shown in the gamecontroller when you open the property page?

  • Austen ChenAusten Chen Member
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    I'm been using Maurice's profiles for my DD1 since v1.12 I've always updated those three values - FF, Max Force, and Wheel Force. So for your example, "iRacing Global Mazda MX-5 Cup - 40 I 25Nm"

    • Wheel Force = 25Nm - you'll need this to be at 20 or less because max torque of DD1 is 20Nm. So 25Nm / 1.25 = 20Nm.
    • Max Force = 40 - if I recall this correctly, this means it uses 40% of wheel force which is 10. And since we just change our value for wheel force, we have to do the same here. 40 * 1.25 = 50. And half of 20Nm is 10.
    • FF = 100 - well, we can't go pass 100 so I just leave it alone. If it's anything lower I would multiply it by 1.25 as well.

    That's how I've been adjusting the profiles for my DD1 anyways.

    Granted I haven't looked at the txt file for a long while so I might give that a try, even though I'm pretty happy with the settings.

    Just test the settings and see what feels better for you.

  • Thanks for the update! I have a strange issue with Fanalab not recognizing my setup with the CSW v2.5, CSP V3 and Formula V2. The "Active devices" view stays empty while Windows does recognize the devices as they show up in the Game Controllers view. I'm using Fanalab V1.53 with the latest drivers installed on the devices. Previously I was able to fix it by rebooting my machine or reconnecting the CSW, but somehow that does not work anymore.

    Any idea what this could be? Thanks.

  • works very well, but can anybody tell me if i can use rs Dash together with fanalab, becaus they use different udp ports?

  • After i changed the driver to v381 i can't see the Wheel base on the property page anymore, so that i can't calibrate it again if it is necessary. Can anybody help?

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