Fanatec csl elite F1 bundle for PS4

Hi everyone,

I recently bought this bundle and installed it but it looks like my ps4 does not recognize any of the fanatec products. The light on the wheelbase is blue and I guess thats what it should be.

If I go in game (F1 2020) the game does not seem to know this wheelbase is installed.

Before I had the logitech g29 which is a plug and play and it just worked the moment I plugged it in.

Now I've been searching on the internet and I see alot of people saying to install the drivers. I didn't know there were drivers for a console? So I found drivers on the fanatec website but when I want to download them from my ps4 it says that PS4 does not support the download. If I look at the driver file names, its a 32 and a 64 version, so I guess they are for pc users?

Can anyone help me with this? Would be greatly appreciated.


  • You have to install the drivers in your Windows PC.

    Then, you have to plug you wheelbase to the PC and update the wheelbase firmware and wheel if necessary.

  • Does this mean with brand new CSL elite ps4 bundle that I will not be able to use it with PS5 without a PC to install drivers?

    I don’t have access to PC where I am, being Mac only.

  • There are some workarounds to use Windows on a Mac using Bootcamp. I don't use a Mac at home, but surely you can find tutorials in YouTube.

  • RJ DRJ D Member
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    thanks but that requires buying a copy of windows as well as partitioning the hard drive.

    I have a hard time believing Fanatec would sell a PS4 wheel that doesn’t have at least some version of a driver installed (without at least explicitly stating it) Under non pandemic times, it wouldn’t be that big a deal to visit someone with a PC, but now it’s quite difficult.

  • For some reason the issue is fixed.

    I tried the wheel on different games and was no problem. Then tried again on F1 2020 and suddenly the wheel was in the list. Really strange.

    Maybe another question: With the loadcell pedal comes the different kind of "rubbers" you can use to make the loadcell feel harder or softer. Right now I'm using the softest and I can't press my brakes 100%. The game only registers about 60 when I press as hard as I can.

    I can adjust the saturation of the break settings in game so I don't have to press that hard to get 100% but is there a way to have it softer?

    Are there other people here with the loadcell pedal that find the softest rubbers really hard to press?

  • Use the BRF setting in your wheel to adjust the the desired pressure.

  • Thanks alot! Now i can press like I normally would and get 100%. You my hero!

    Another question maybe. How long did it take to get used to the pedals. I'm coming from a logitech g29 and I was able to get reasonable times on most tracks with it. But with these pedals now, I'm at least 7 tenths slower and on some tracks even over a second or two seconds.

  • Another question maybe. How long did it take to get used to the pedals.

    I can't answer because I don't use Fanatec pedals, just keep practicing and you'll get used to them, :)

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