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  • The default mapping for the Fanatec Sequential shifter is reversed in the game. The default game settings have both the paddles and sequential mapped but i can't figure out how to map more than one devise to each function when I try to fix the reversed sequential shifter mapping. Does anyone know how to fix it? I could remap the game so that only the sequential shifter works but it would be nice to be able to use either without needing to remap anything as was the apparent intent of the default mappings.

  • The default mapping for the Fanatec Sequential shifter is reversed in the game. The default game settings have both the paddles and sequential mapped but i can't figure out how to map more than one devise to each function when I try to fix the reversed sequential shifter mapping. Does anyone know how to fix it? I could remap the game so that only the sequential shifter works but it would be nice to be able to use either without needing to remap anything as was the apparent intent of the default mappings.
    I found the default input definition files in the input/actionmaps directory. There is a file for each wheelbase and wheel type. I edited the ftec_dd_1_uh file (DD1 with universal hub) and swapped the button maps for the sequential shifter. That fixed the problem but I may have to redo it after an update.
    Does anyone know if these files are the responsibility of Fanatec or Codemasters?
  • Hello,

    Do you have a setting for dirt rally 2.0 with the driver v352? 

    Thank you

  • CSR Elite

    DR2 thinks left and right paddles are the same so cannot use manual gears.

  • Hello! Any improved settings for csl elite ps4?

  • Someone with new settings ? (LIN, NIN)

  • I'm really liking these settings for the DD2 on Dirt Rally 2

    SEN 1080

    FF 50

    NDP 20

    NFR 3

    NIN off

    INT 2

    FEI 90

    FOR 100


    SAT - 65

    WF - 15

    TF - 30

    SUS 65

    Col 40

    Soft Lock 40

    SCF 40

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    Any advice for the GT3 RS? I've been fiddling for a bit but can't get it working well

    A little legacy love please

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    # Dirt Rally 2.0, Fanatec DD1, ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR, ClubSport Pedals V3 inverted

    Tl;dr: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/comment/45062/#Comment_45062

    These settings feel lovely to me and a friend. Been alternating between heavy and light force feedback and appreciated both in different situations and moods, but we've been satisfied with these settings without any adjustment for some time now.

    For best road feel, use Surface Degradation: Optimal in Freeplay Custom. Which one applies in Time Trial and Free Roam?

    ## Favorite vehicles and tracks for reference

    Subaru Impreza (2001) with Brake Bias: 58% or the Subaru Impreza S4 Rally, from Vehicle Class: Up to 2000cc (4WD)

    Hawkes Bay (New Zealand)

    New England (USA)

    Powys (Wales)

    Perth and Kinross (Scotland)

    Ford Fiesta Rallycross (STARD) from Vehicle Class: RX Supercars 2019

    MINI Cooper SX1 from Vehicle Class: RX Supercars 2019

    Killarney International Raceway (South Africa)

    Tyre Compound: Soft or Medium, unless Wet or Winter.

    ## Fanatec DD1 Wheel Base: Hardware and Software

    Main: FW: v669; HW: v3

    Motor: FW: v38; HW: v3; ACV: v3

    WOR: FW: v6; HW: v0

    ## Fanatec Driver for Windows

    ### Update

    Driver: v352

    Wheel Base Firmware: v669

    Wheel Base Motor: v38

    ### Tuning Menu

    COMP V2.5 Compatibility Mode: Do Not Apply

    No idea what the difference between these modes are.

    ## Fanatec DD1 Wheel Base: Settings

    Compatibility Mode: COMP V2.5

    According to Codemasters, native PC mode causes a deadzone in steering.

    SEN: 2160; FFB: 40; LIN: ON; NDP: 20; NFR: 20; NIN: 20; INT: 6; FEI: 100; FOR: 100; SPR: 0; DPR: 100; ABS: OFF; SHO: 100; BRF: 50;

    SEN is doubled to avoid the wheel's own equivalence to Dirt Rally 2.0's Soft Lock. Fanatec DD1 is sticky at the end of its rotation range. Calibrate device in Dirt Rally 2.0 and enable Soft Lock for intended function.

    LIN enabled made sense to me after reading Fanatec's explanation[1]. Challenge this if you know better, as most seem to turn this off.

    NDP is a constant damper effect on the steering wheel unaffected by force feedback. Feels as someone holding the steering wheel?

    NFR is a constant friction effect on the steering wheel unaffected by force feedback. Not sure how to explain.

    NIN is a dynamic(?) inertia effect on the steering wheel. Not sure whether it is affected by force feedback. NIN enables me to throw or flick and then catch the steering wheel.

    NDP, NFR, NIN together make Self-Aligning Torque in Dirt Rally 2.0 more controlled.

    INT could be at 0–2 if not for the noisy Suspension force feedback in Dirt Rally 2.0, but it might be beneficial to interpolate all force feedback anyway. What is the frequency (Hz) of force feedback output by Dirt Rally 2.0?

    FEI is 1:1. Try using INT for smoothing instead.

    DPR enables Tyre Friction force feedback output by Dirt Rally 2.0. Had to set Tyre Friction to 150 in Dirt Rally 2.0, and in wheel base NDP: 0; NFR: 0; NIN: 0; INT: 0; FEI: 0; FOR: 0; DPR: 100 in order to feel what Tyre Friction does.

    ABS is off because Dirt Rally 2.0 outputs native(?) vibration for the ClubSport Pedals V3.

    SHO is for strength of vibration inside the steering wheel.

    [1]: “Linearity Mode “LIN” reduces maximum FFB output by a small amount to guarantee a consistent output between peaks and holding forces. Improved general linearity between game output and torque output.” — https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1414/fanatec-beta-driver-v352-356-dd-performance-update-for-podium-bases-only-all-steering-wheels

    ## Dirt Rally 2.0: Input Settings

    (Optional) If you want default key mappings: Under “Connected Devices” select “Fanatec ClubSport” and choose “Device Options”, “Load Device Preset”, “Fanatec Clubsport with ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR”

    (Important) If wheel base setting SEN has changed since previous calibration: Under “Connected Devices” select “Fanatec ClubSport” and choose “Device Options”, “Calibrate Device”, and follow instructions. Ask if confused by anything. I have been.

    To set following settings: Under “Connected Devices” select “Fanatec ClubSport” and choose “Edit Device”.

    ### Advanced Settings

    Critical setting for this setup is Soft Lock enabled.

    Steering Sensitivity: 50

    Steering Linearity: 0

    Steering Deadzone: 0

    Steering Saturation: 100

    Throttle Deadzone: 0

    Throttle Saturation: 100

    Brake Deadzone: 0

    Brake Saturation: 100

    Clutch Deadzone: 20

    Clutch Saturation: 100

    Handbrake Deadzone: 0

    Handbrake Saturation: 100

    Soft Lock: On

    ### Vibration & Feedback

    Vibration & Feedback: On

    Self Aligning Torque: 45

    Wheel Friction: 0

    Tyre Friction: 15

    Suspension: 15

    Collision: 50

    Soft Lock: 60

    Steering Centre Force Enabled: On

    Steering Centre Force: 20

    Self Aligning Torque is force feedback (FOR).

    Wheel Friction as I understand is constant damper for the steering wheel sent in force feedback (as FOR or DPR?). Using the wheel base setting NDP instead.

    Tyre Friction is force feedback (DPR). Processed by the wheel base according with the setting DPR (and INT?, LIN?).

    Suspension is force feedback (FOR). It's the most noisy feedback and I have to use INT for it to feel good.

    Collision is force feedback (FOR). It indicates when hitting sides of the track. I don't want it to disturb the steering wheel, but I want to feel it happening.

    Soft Lock should be strong enough to clearly indicate the end of steering rotation and prevent steering beyond, while below the strength where the wheel begins to bounce back.

    Center Steering Force makes steering wheel rotate back to center when handbrake is activated at beginning of drive.

    ## Discussion

    I do not know how a different driver would handle these settings.

    Not understood whether Fanatec FanaLab V1.23 BETA running or not makes a difference. Make sure there is no Dynamic FFB, Vibration, or default Game Profile active while trying these settings.

    I recommend trying each setting at maximum with all other at minimum. Learn which feel how and the ways they can be combined. Consider unanchoring the sense of what values are correct from any recommendations seen.

    Fanatec could describe the wheel base settings even better. It is unclear which settings affect each other. Perhaps they have somewhere? Should check out the manual.

    Fanatec: When you realize how underwhelming this forum software is and decide to switch, go with Discourse[2]. It's the only good forum. They offer custom migration assistance[3]. Contact them.

    [2]: https://www.discourse.org/

    [3]: https://www.discourse.org/pricing

    ## Game improvement suggestions (for Codemasters, not Fanatec)

    • Hot Seat for Time Trial, Custom Championships, and Career Campaign. We all want to play using our own name and compete against each other.
    • Restructured menu system. Pause menu is OK, but before I'm in a game there are many different options in menus with low discoverability. It's confusing and inflexible.
    • Enable use of rallycross vehicles in rally.
    • Enable free roam on any track.
    • Allow modding for games no longer maintained.
    • Enable true multiplayer for rally.
    • We want to just drive with and without collision on the same track, and see each other! It's fun!
    • Ability to start a multiplayer server and drive while waiting for players.
    • How do I even join or watch a multiplayer server? I could not figure it out after joining its lobby.
    • When a rally begins, there is a moment where everything seems loaded, but I have to wait for the HUD to appear before I can activate the handbrake to initiate countdown. If I hold the handbrake before the HUD has loaded, I have to release and go again. It's annoying.
    • Allow disabling damage.
    • Enable changing vehicle, map, and weather from the pause menu in-game.
  • TL;DR?!

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    ## Tl;dr: Dirt Rally 2.0, Fanatec DD1, ...

    Fanatec DD1 Driver for Windows: v352

    SEN: 2160; FFB: 40; LIN: ON; NDP: 20; NFR: 20; NIN: 20; INT: 6; FEI: 100; FOR: 100; SPR: 0; DPR: 100; ABS: OFF; SHO: 100; BRF: 50;

    Fanatec DD1 Compatibility Mode: COMP V2.5

    Calibrate steering wheel in Dirt Rally 2.0.

    Soft Lock: On

    Self Aligning Torque: 45

    Wheel Friction: 0

    Tyre Friction: 15

    Suspension: 15

    Collision: 50

    Soft Lock: 60

  • Not permitted to edit post after 1 hour, which did reveal that this forum is Vanilla, an apparently way too popular software. Fortunately there is a simple and free migration path from Vanilla to Discourse using official import scripts vanilla.rb or vanilla_mysql.rb. Do it, and see higher quality participation. I barely bother being here because it's inefficient.

    ## Dirt Rally 2.0: Audio Settings

    Figured I'd include audio levels for completeness. Haven't spent as much effort tweaking these.

    Menu Music: 15

    Replay Music: 15

    Ambient Sounds: 70

    Engine: 70

    Speech: 60

    Surfaces: 100

    System EQ: Flat

    Dynamic Range: Low (depends)

  • 1:1 steering wheel is not working for me on my CLS Elite Wheelbase V 1.1.

    All software is in current versions up to date: PC Driver 336. Dirt Rally 2.0 - 1.15 (no change in the last two versions).

    I followed all steps described in the initial post, calibration in Dirt Rally. But it does not work. I have to change the sensitivity for each car to make it run.

    Any hints?

  • I never really managed to get comfortable in this game, somehow FBB never really gave me confidence. So I just started from scratch with the recommended settings and ended up with these for the Clubsport 2.5:

    Tuning Menu Settings:

    SEN 360

    FF 100

    SHO 100

    ABS User Preference

    DRI -02

    FOR 100

    SPR 100*

    DPR 100*

    BRF User Preference

    FEI 100

    In-Game Settings:

    Vibration & Feedback: On

    Self-Aligning Torque: 70

    Wheel Friction: 0

    Tyre Friction: 50

    Suspension: 70

    Collision: 50

    Soft Lock: 50

    Steering Centre Force Enabled: OFF

    (Steering Centre Force: 0)

    And this finally did the trick, I can throw the car around, drift, be confident through fast turns, I think especially taking SEN down to 360 really did the trick - these settings might not be realistic, I lack the real life experience but they managed to get me back into the game so I thought I'd share!

    Have fun!

  • I got back into gaming after a 7 years hiatus with a nice PC (Ryzen 5 3600X, RTX 2070 Super, 16GB DDR4@3200MHz and a 1TB PCIe high speed SSD on a 32" 4K LCD) for Doom Eternal.

    And last week I got myself a Quest 2 and a Wi-Fi 6 router...

    VR games are nice, but a bit shallow, because what I wanted a VR headset for, really, was... sim racing :)

    So I dug up my CSR Elite (Forza Motorsport) wheel and CSP v2's that I hadn't used in 7 years out of their original boxes.

    The protective plastic layer of the rim had melted and had to be removed with isopropyl alcohol and loads of elbow grease, but other than that, it seems like it's still 100% functional.

    Then I rebuilt a quick cockpit (seat, wheel and pedals) from the remains of my motion rig (I was using X-Sim and Japanese actuators in 2DOF), and got myself a new sim collection with Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa (for the mods), and Dirt Rally 2.0. (ISI didn't respond to my demand to convert my rFactor2 account to Steam and I'm not sure I want to cash out another 30€ as I'm now racing only for fun and with my 3 sims, I'll have enough to keep me busy for quite a while - I'm not playing online)

    So my question is : can I use another wheel settings on my CSR Elite for Dirt Rally 2.0 ?

    Which of the actual Fanatec wheels would be comparable to mine ? CSL, CSW v2 ?

  • I have a DD1 and run it in PC mode. The main thing I'm struggling with is a 1:1 mapping of the steering wheel.

    The only way is to set the SEN to 540, can anybody else confirm?

  • Now that we're almost in 2021, are these recommended settings still the best we have? I'm currently looking for CSL elite (v1.1 ps4) settings and I've been unable to dial them in well.

    I saw some settings suggested for clubsport and DD. Anyone have settings they're happy with for the CSL Elite?

  • I'm finding the same thing. Basically, wheel rotation settings are not consistent.

    According to the recommended settings, you should set wheel sensitivity to 1080, run the calibration in game, enable soft lock, and DR2 will handle wheel rotation changes between cars... This doesn't work for me.

    I ran through this process, then jumped in a modern group A car, and wheel rotation was great. Then, I jumped into the older car you start the career with, and rotation was way off. I had to manually change sensitivity to get wheel rotation to correctly match the in game wheel position.

  • This is not the case for me.

    My DD1 in PC mode has no dead zone in the calibration screen.

    I guess the issue has been cured with driver or game updates since Dominic's post.

    Does Fanatec still suggests to use DD wheels in V2.5 compatibility mode?

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    I'm using the DD in PC mode not compatibility mode.

    Wheel is set to 1440 and calibrated in DR2 also with 1440. In the calibration screen you have to complete the calibration with button 1 and not step out with back (button 4). Just retested the calibration and it's as intended. There is also no dead zone in the middle.

    Tried a few cars and the wheel rotation as well as the soft lock are correct for all cars (H2, Group A, R5, ...)

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    NO auto center on this Wheel base????? how is it possible? anyone has the same issue? is there a way to enable AutoCenter? thanks

    Force feedback doesn't feel right!

  • He means 1080 degree rotation...on your wheel it will show 108

  • Although...this is a preference, set it where it feels good to you, because YOU are the one using your rig. Enjoy this fantastic Sim life!

  • what do the baselines look like for the new dd wheel from early testing?

  • Do have any new setting for CLS DD?

    Thank you!!!

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    My settings for CSL DD, try it out.

    PC Mode

    Tuning menu settings:

    SEN - 540

    FFB - 75 (set this higher if you want to wrestle)

    FFS - Peak

    NDP - 5

    NFR -OFF

    NIN - OFF

    INT - 2

    FEI - 70

    FOR - 100

    SPR - 60

    DPR - 100

    Ingame settings

    Force Feedback Override - Device Driver

    Vibration and feedback - On

    Self Alligning Torque - 92

    Wheel Friction - 25

    Tyre Friction - 50

    Suspension - 150

    Collision - 12 (set to whatever)

    Soft Lock - 100

    Steering Centre Force Enable - Off

  • These settings from Jon are actually pretty good.

    Coming from Logi G923, I’m beating my previous stage times for considerable margins. It's mostly DD, but good settings definitely help.

    Steering saturation must be 100 and not 63, what Fanatec suggests on FAQ pages.

    Thanks Jon.

  • OK guys, I am completely clueless. I have no idea how to calibrate CSL DD properly in DR 2.0. No matter what SEN I set on the base... following the calibration instructions leaves me with absolutely wrong calibration, off-centre and the progression is not even goddamn linear, it looks like it is degressive to both sides from the (virtual) centre. Linearity is set to 0.

    Incredibly frustrated. I had troubles with the game picking up correct steering lock automatically with my previous CSW 2.5, but at least the wheel was calibrated.

  • Hi

    I had some weird behaviours last night when trying to set this game up too. Ended up that it for some reason had a steering axis dead zone of 20 in the advanced settings section.

  • Can anyone please explain the difference between "Device Driver", "Enabled", and "Disabled" for the Force Feedback Override setting?

    I'm guessing "Device Driver" only takes into account the settings we'd activate through the Fanatec control panel or Fanalab? And "Enabled" only considers the in-game settings? But then setting it to "Disabled" greys out all of the in-game settings...so...I don't know, I'm confused. 🧐🤔

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