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    Hello, today I have a strange issue in Fanalab 1.54.4 (since yesterday there wasn't any issue).

    In Main page my Pedals V3 aren't detected, but in "Fanatec Wheel Property Page" and ACC the pedals are working fine.

    I tried restarting Windows, another USB port, switch off and on the base, install Fanalab 1.54.5 but nothing changes.

    I also noticed that in Fanalab "Vibration" page there are the options for "Pedal Throttle: Clubsport Pedals V3"

    Just now I tried to "force another pedal" choosing "Pedals V3" (instead of "Auto detect") and after I enabled again "Auto detect". Now the issue seems to be resolved.

  • On the backside of the Podium base (without USB cable)

  • I recently updated Fanatec Drivers and firmware for DD1, podium hub, Button Module Endurance , Fanalab etc. I began having problems much the same as many have described here - LED's freezing and Fanalab crashing. After reading some of the posts I realized I had just installed Bitdefender Total Security recently also. I tried a lot of stuff over last day and a half including making an exception in Bitdefender for Fanalab. Nothing ended up working. Finally I decided to uninstall Bitdefender all together to see what happened. I then installed Fanalab v1.53 and it ran without issues. Great. I then uninstalled v1.53 and installed Fanalab v1.54.5 and it's working without issues in the 3 games I've tried (Automobilista 2, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 2).

    I just felt compelled to express my experience in the hopes it will save others some trouble.

  • so in the end it seems to be an issue with the BitDefender Anti-Virus software...

  • Confirmed for me. 4th day or something running fanalab 1.54.5 without any issue since i have added the exception

  • Hi, i'm having issue with Fanalab, it always closes after some minutes on track with ACC on PC, REV leds stop working.

    HW is CSL Elite PS4, Elite PEdals with LC. Dirvers are 402 and FW updated with the latest 684.

    I though with 1.54.4 update this issue will be solved but still going bad.

    This hardware is new, for 2/3 weeks everything was working well, but don't know what happened now I have this issue.

    Any advice to solve ?

    TKS and compliments for the HW very very nice (T300RS is a plastic toy compared to yours)


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    Try 1.54.5 and if you use an Anti-Virus program make sure to make an exception for FanaLabn (Bitdefender is known to let FanaLab crash but thats a Bitdefender exclusive issue and not directly a FanaLab issue because the crash happens only since 2 weeks and is caused by a Bitdefender update it seems)

  • Where I can find this 1.54.5, can't find it here in the forum.

    I have bitdefender, do you know the right procedure to do it ? i put an exception in the firewall for fanalab.exe, something else to do it ?

    Tks for the help guys.

  • Tks Alastair, did exclusion on Bitdefender but still same issue.

    Installed 1.54.5, issue solved. Tks everyone for the support.


  • Dear Fanatec and everyone else,

    Thank you all kindly for the support! my fanalab was crashing everytime but it appeard to be bitdefender who was causing it. I made an exception for fanalab and it works now!

    I suggest the creators of fanalab can make a small trouble shooting guide and include it in the app or download page. In this page you could name like the most common reasons why fanalab isn't working (antivirus exception neccessary etc.) Then people will be able to fix the general stuff more easy.

    Thanks again for this forum!

  • Are we going to see Dynamic FFB improvements like telemetry based under and over steer effects. I was using iRffb for these effects and really like it for iRacing but for some reason iRffb quit working. Would be nice to have these effects in fanalab.

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    Dear Fanatec Team since I updated to Fanalab 1.54.5, I have issues to save the default Analyses Screen.

    I put it to Default to avoid jolts issues and keeping the Fanatec Logo on my DD2 screen but as soon as I switch in ACC into the car and go on track, it jumps automatically back to another page.

    I save the profile with that selection:

    If I go into the car or I am loading the above saved profile, it looks like that.

    Thanks for an advice.

  • Dear Fanatec team, where can I find an instruction/manual how to adjust LED settings of Fanalab synchronising with ACC or maybe someone can give me a helping hand.

    I adjusted the LED setting for LED "Flash" from 92% to 97%.

    If I switch back to RPM value, there is still the old value of 7100 instead of 7400 RPM (97%),

    The most concern I have, the Base LED signals are not synchron with the HUD display LED shown.

    How do I adjust this 97% Flash setting and this 97% can be seen on the wheel base and inside the ACC HUD cockpit same?

    Thanks for help.

  • Do you maybe have another profile saved as Default for the game which then gets automatically loaded?

    You can also try to completely disable the ITM if you dont use it anyway with the toggle on the top.

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    When you change the % then of course the RPM do NOT get changed automatically. It's up to the user to set the RPM to their needs so it Matches the in game LESs or whatever the user wants, there is no automatic process which automatically changes RPM values when you change %.

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    Thank you for your answer,

    I have been trying both, first I had the Ferrari setting to default and changed to the McLaren by double clicking. Since the "default" did not stay, I changed the McLaren to "default" and is the same.

    If I completely switch ITM off, what else I will miss on the PBME or anything else I am missing? What for there is a default button if at the the end I should disable whole ITM?

  • understand, either way RPM or %, thanks for clarification. So how do I synchronize the selected value, RPM or %, to be same on the base and cockpit Hud LED's in ACC, thank you.

  • you made sure you have loaded the profile, disabled the auto-page-switch feature in the ITM Tab and then overwrite the profile and then set the newly saved profile as default?! If you set one of my profiles to default it will get loaded when the game starts as I have saved it, no matter if you load the profile and then disable everything manually without re-saving the whole profile.

  • That's by try&error. You need to Hit the Throttle pedal, see at which RPM value the in game LED light up and then enter that value into Fanalab. However if you use my profiles you dont have to do that because I already did that and every LED is perfectly synced to the in game leds.

  • to disable all the small auto-page-switch icon's has been solving the issue that the display always jumping back and not keeping the "Fantatec" Logo" even when I set everything to Default and save as Default, but thanks for the great input, never tought about that.

  • I am using your profiles, thank you for that great effort and input.

    This means you can just read out the values from the game and manually "synchronize" that values by "try & error" into Fanlab and further on into the base?

    Whats the meaning than inside ACC "Enable Fanatec LED" and if I am changing LED flash values, will this effect the LED's in the Game HUD or just the Base?

    I have been told that McLaren 720S GT3, the max. RPM value is 7400 RMP. Inside your setting it is 7100. Therefore I wanted to try this 7400 and set the Fanalab RPM value to 7400 but the flashing never matched.

    Is it even possible to adjust the ingame LED's via Fanalab or just the other way arround, thank you.

  • I think you should watch some of the great FanaLab tutorial videos on Youtube as this would certainly help you ;)

    No, I can not "read-out" LED value data. I also have to take my rigfht foot, hit the throttle and see when the in game LED lights up - then I have to look at the RPM number and write this number into FanaLab. Takes hundreds of hours to fine-tune every car but in the end its worth it.

    The McLaren 720S GT3 in ACC flashes its RevLEDs at 7100RPM with an Interval of 350ms in game, this is what the Flash setting is for, its not for Max RPM.

    Also you HAVE TO disable the Fanatec LED Option in the game as described in the description you get when you click the buttons "Enable Telemetzry" and "Enable FanaLab LED Support" in FanaLab.

    And no, of course it is absolutely impossible to adjust in game LEDs - they are hardcoded by the game developer. All YOU can do is adjust the LEDs of YOUR hardware.

  • thank you very much, all points are clear and understood now and I will search for one of the great FanaLab Tutorials immediatelly.

    Thanks for your patience and great support.

  • hi robbin, can you show which exclusion you applied?

    I installed 1.54.5 but still have the same issue.

    what i think if you apply any mod to the leds, it crashes.


  • I have a R300 Podium running the 402 driver, 684 firmware and Fanalab 1.54.4.

    When I open wheel properties in 2.5 Compatibility Mode the highest setting available for SEN is 2300 or AUTO. The highest value in Fanalab is 900 or AUTO.

    When the wheel is in PC mode both allow me to select the maximum value of 2300 or AUTO.

    Is this normal behavior, everything else seems to work fine. It did the same with the 400 Driver .


    2.5 Compatibility Mode

    PC Mode

  • The difference in SEN values is the same with Fanalab v1.54.5. One other question forgot to ask, has been a issue for a while. If I'm in PC mode the ITM menu option is available. When I'm in v2.5 Comp Mode it disappears. Is this normal? Thanks.

    PC Mode

    v2.5 Compatibility Mode

  • Yes that is normal because you are not running the compatibility mode correct.

    You need to select the DD2 in the dropdown on the Main page so the image of the DD2 is shown and not the one of the CSW.

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