Random Clutch Inputs since Update FW 402 / V3 Pedals

Hello Team,

i just upgraded to the new Firmware but i got an issue with my clutch since then.

The Dual Clutch system wont reset to 0 it stays at 5-7 whatever i do...

In the property Page i can see a random input set to around 5-7; seems like the clutch is not coming down to 0 percent input which is fatal.

The click on "min" doesnt change a thing. I just cant reset it to 0.

do you have any solutions for this?

if not; how can i downgrad everything to 381?

Greetings from Hamburg


  • i downgraded the firmeware to 381. it is still broken. The clutch is doing random inputs..

  • It's a hardware issue. You need to contact the support to get your wheel repaired/exchanged if it's still under warranty.

  • Hi. Can anyone explain this - I am not giving any input from the pedals, and I do not have a handbrake. I have also downgraded to FW 381. In AC there is no steering, well, about 2 degrees, and the clutch now slips in AC and PC2 and ETS2, as well as being full on with the slightest touch. I have just sent a contact to support, but could not include this pic. Help will be appreciated.

  • yes i did. Its still not clear what the issue is about. Maybe its Softwaresided..

  • the defect is the APM on the left side of the Wheel.. it causes random inputs!

  • i found the issue! it was the cable inside of the wheel connecting to the APM. Seems like it was kinda loose. I think it is fixed now!

  • Which pedals do you have? Did you enable manual calibration on settings page? Also make sure “Combined Pedals” is NOT check marked on the settings page?

  • Thanks for the answer, Joshua

    Manual calibration no longer works, and I have tried applying Combined Pedals and reverting back to singles several times, in the hope of it sorting itself out. I updated everything last night, including a separate update for the pedals, Clubsport V3, by disconnecting the RJ45 and using a USB straight to PC. I was excited for a moment when I saw there was an update due for them, but no, just the same.

    It is now impossible to race because I now have a slipping clutch effect in all of my sims, PC2, AMS2, ETS2, and AC - no steering in AC either, and in AC and ETS2 the clutch cannot be assigned either, so I tried using a button on the wheel - that worked but it's just in or out, and still has a slipping clutch being modelled. I can't find any reference in forums for slipping clutches, and that is defo what is happening. Thanks for your interest.

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    In the pic above OP shows a P1 wheel which the APM is not compatible with any P1 wheel.

    What base, wheel and pedals you are using?

  • Very strange. Hearing that you still have a slipping clutch being simulated even when assigning an on/off button makes me think it’s something on the games side being wonky. But, with you saying the clutch can’t be assigned, assuming you mean pedal, that sounds like a possible hardware/connection issue. As much of a pain as it is, I would double check all connections.....again.....maybe purchase some compressed air and spray around in different spots. I know the V3 run on hall sensors not potentiometers, so the compressed air will probably not help as much, but it still wouldn’t hurt. But there really shouldn’t be any reason why manual calibration shouldn’t be available to you especially when connected directly to the PC through the USB. So that one has me a little stumped.....

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    It sure is an odd one, Joshua, and I have had a few. I shall wait until I hear from Support before I spend any more frustrating hours on the problems. I'm at the stage where I think it's probably best to ignore all future Updates. Pls don't think I am dismissing your help ideas; it's just that I have spent so much time into the wee small hours this a.m., I would rather see what Support says first. Thank you.

  • Full disclosure Thomas I am still on driver 381 and whatever firmware may have come out with that. I have not even remotely tried updating. I waited for a week or two after it was released and while reading some of the issues I decided never to do it and still haven’t.

  • By no means good sir, I did not think that whatsoever. Regardless of whatever is said and thought it’s always good to hear what the actual company/brands support has to say. Good luck with the fix.

  • I used to also do that with updates, Joshua, for the same wise reasons, but since I was having the problems in AC, I decided to go for it as soon as I was aware of it. Oh 'ecky thump! Smiling ruefully.

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    Where is my previous post which was removed for checking immediately after I posted it, Mr/Ms Moderator? That was 31st March.

  • As reported in several threads there is a bug that creates issues with posts if posted very quickly between 2 replies or edited in very short time between porting that for some reason get hidden and waiting for approval from admins in order to show.

    They are in a black hole in the forum that not even moderators or admins can find them.

    When this happen the user sees briefly a message on the bottom left of the screen advising that authorization pending.

  • Thank you, Alexandros. I have never come across the posts you refer to. Kind of you to let me know. I did just catch that message you refer to. The Fanatec black hole - funny.

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