Where can I download drivers for a V2 wheel?

Quite possibly the dummest question of all time, but I have just upgraded my xbox to a PC VR system and am trying to load the PC drivers for the V2 wheel. Why do Fantaec make it so hard to find them? A link please anyone?


  • So hard to find…? Go to the same Webshop page where you purchased the wheel, click on Downloads and voila, there you have your driver :) Can’t be easier than that.

    Alternatively available on every wheel base download page as well…

  • You mean here? ...

    ClubSport Wheel Base V2 Servo | Wheel Bases | Racing Wheels / Wheel Bases | Fanatec ???

    .... where it's not there!

    ...or I could, as you say go to the 2.5 download ...whose page states

    "Driver v273 and the included firmware is NOT YET compatible to the CSW V2!"

    .not quite as easy as you say Maurice, is it?

  • Ah you meant the CSW V2 and not the Formula v2.

    Would have been a BIG info, when someone talks about a V2 nowadays it’s pretty much always the Formula v2 wheel, especially when someone says V2 wheel instead of v2 base.

    for the v2 base just go to any recent base and take the driver available there. Most recent one is 402, available on every base and wheel Webshop page in the download tab. That driver also works with the old CSW V2 Base.

  • Thank you Maurice, much appreciated

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