Race info on Podium wheel base DD1 LED for playstation 4 Pro

Question 1:

When using Fanalab connected to my DD1 I am able to choose among several display options which shows race details like gear, laps etc. While my DD1 is connected to a Windows PC I am also able to choose among this different display directly on the wheel base using the buttons on the rim. But as soon as I remove the USB cable between the PC and the wheel base this options disappears hence I am not able to choose among this display options when racing on my Playstation 4 Pro. The only option I then have is an display options called Legacy which only gives me the same data on the Wheel base as shown on the rim.

Im a doing something wrong or could it be that this functionality is not supported when using the DD1 with Playstation?

Question 2:

Is it possible to choose what kind of data that is shown on the rim display, e.g if I would like to see the gear instead of km/h?


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