Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 and GT Sport on a PS5

I'm hitting a bug quite regularly that last night basically ruined my first FIA manufacturers race in the game.

Basically, when the game cuts from racing to another screen, for example when you enter the pits, or when a lobby host moves the race from practice back to lobby, the wheel base continues to push the wheel around as if it is giving force feedback. This means for the duration of the pitstop, my wheel is being pushed to the furthest extreme and is bouncing off the end of the "steering rack."

Only solution seems to be to turn the wheel base on and off again, which mid race is less than ideal!

My wheel base is on the latest firmware, as is my ps5 / game.

I race with others who have had this happen on occasion too, but for me it seems to be almost every time, to the point that I'm trying to enter the pits with the wheel perfectly straight to avoid the issue.

Is there a fix for this? What can I try?


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