P1 wheel - CSL DD

Will the P1 wheel, without quick release, will be compatible with the new CSL DD with 8Nm kit?



  • Pretty sure it will be compatible. I would be more concerned with the collar on the P1 Wheel cracking, seeing that so many people had that issue with an even weaker wheelbase.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes it is compatible.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks, I appreciate.

  • I'm hopeful that the P1 rim or a new version of it will come back in stock soon for $199. The cheapest option for a round rim at the moment is $379 because you're forced to buy a hub. Thats more expensive than the CSL DD base itself.

  • Very on point. I would hope they would have something in the works as well. I have the WRC Wheel, I have been pleased with it, but what happened with it? I feel like it disappeared pretty fast, then never was whispered about again. Was it considered a failure? Anyone out there know anything? I’m just curious in that topic.

  • I want to order CSL DD & CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC as wave 1 customer. But I cannot find WRC on US web site although I can on EUR/Japan.

    What don't you have CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC on US web site any more?

  • We'll just have to hope a new P1/WRC type wheel gets announced. I wouldn't mind it having leather grips like the CSL Elite PS4 rim.

  • Probably just out of stock in the US shop unfortunately.

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    They seemed to stagger the webside updates so we couldn't bundle a wheel and base together, maybe save a bit of shipping while we were at it...

  • I just received my CSL DD today. Not sure if there is an issue with the shaft or not but I'm not able to get the screw for my P1 wheel into the shaft. Will be contacting customer support.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

  • Hi Edward

    I've just experienced a similar challenge but sadly while I did get my bolt to locate I noticed that it has cracked the plastic housing / collar in 2 places top and bottom as a result.

    If you have not already done so, do not fit your p1 wheel to the CSL DD wheel base.

    I've lodged a support ticket with regard to this issue.



  • I can confirm that it is in fact NOT possible to properly fit the P1 wheel onto the CSL DD. Even when the wheel is pushed in all the way, the hole for the screw in the shaft remains off by something like 2-3mm. I'll keep waiting for my universal hub V2 preorder to ship instead!

  • I thought it was me. I cannot get the P1 wheel to properly lock on my CSL DD also.

  • Hi Tom, Edward,

    Could you please update, when you have a feedback and/or solution with Fanatec support? I have a P1 waiting for the arrival of a CSL DD, so I am very curious about this combination to work properly 😀

  • I have the same problem with my P1.  Are there any solutions?

  • Today I faced the support with the problem again.

     "Hello, unfortunately I cannot connect my P1 steering wheel to the CSL DD wheelbase, because the steering wheel cannot be pushed open completely here, so that the screw can be inserted to secure it. You have to push it well beyond the stop (approx. 3 mm) to insert the screw and the mounting of the P1 could break here due to too much tension. Do you have a solution for this? Is the problem already known? Is there an adapter? Regards Thomas "


    Ich habe heute nochmals den Support mit dem Problem konfrontiert.

    "Hallo, leider kann ich mein P1 Lenkrad nicht mit der CSL DD wheelbase verbinden, da hier das Lenkrad sich nicht komplett aufschieben lässt, so dass die Schraube zum Befestigen eingeführt werden kann. Man muss es deutlich über den Anschlag hinaus aufschieben (circa 2-3 mm) um die Schraube einzuführen und hier könnte die Aufnahme des P1 durch zu viel Spannung brechen. Haben sie hierfür eine Lösung? Ist das Problem schon bekannt? Gibt es einen Adapter? Grüße Thomas"

  • Message from Fanatec:

    Hello Mr. Müller,

     Thank you for your request.

     In the appendix you will find the instructions for how the P1 steering wheel is attached to the CSL DD Hub. If you encounter problems with the back cover of the steering wheel (e.g. a break or crack in the cover), please contact us with a photo of it.

     Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!

     Best regards / Kind regards

  • I try and try and try. I will not thread in there. Something about the angle. I pull the wheel off and it screws right in. Mine was not designed for the P1 Wheel.

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    Has anybody got there P1 wheel to fit? If not, to the OP the answer is no. P1 wheel does not fit on CSL DD. Let me restate. It does not LOCK on the CSL DD. I put it on and drove with it. But it pulls out because the screw will not engage. Hole must be misaligned.

  • Ok I spent more time looking at it. You have to open up the hole in the plastic collar more toward the base unit, away from the wheel itself. Poor design specs as the whole with the threads is not located properly. The metal shoulder on the DD shaft is too close to the threaded hole and stops the rim from pushing far enough to reach the threaded hole. Drill bit or Dremel tool needed to open the hole.

  • So i know this is all questions related to the P1 rim and the DD.... but just out of curiosity... what about the version before the P1 - CSL Elite V1 wheel? I never upgraded to the P1 because i had the original, but now it's the only wheel i have left that is Xbox compatible and was wondering if it will work with the CSL DD ( i have the BMW GT2 and F1 LE '19 but those are not Xbox compatible. So before i buy another wheel (WRC Version) i wanted to know if the CSL Elite Original (pre-P1) will work on the DD

  • I have the same problem. My CSL Elite PS4 P1 rim cannot fit on CSL DD. The hole on the rim and the base is misaligned. Not able to lock the wheel to csl dd. I thought the wheel should be compatible. But hmm. Disappointed. Hopefully fanatec will come out with a solution for owner who own the P1 rim.

  • Is there any updates from Fanatec on this issue? Seems to have all gone quiet and the product page still states that Fanatec CSL wheels are compatible with it which will include the P1 rims?

  • I would not expect anything from them. We are probably too small a group for them to care about a fix.

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