CS F1 2021 Wheel

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone in the UK has recieved the limited edtion CS F1 2021 yet? As I've seen a few people in Germany, Spain, Italy etc recieve theres. I have few pals who have ordered the rim too (all UK based) but we're all still on 'order in process' on the fanatec site 😀




  • Hi. Well as a German I can say that this is probably not related to the UK itself. I also wait for mine to be shipped.

    As far as I know there was a very limited supply of wheels so some very early buyers were lucky and already got their wheel. But for most buyers the wheel should be shipped in July. Mine for example is stated to ship on the 7th of July. I bought it when around 1000 were left (EU).

    The date when yours will be shipped should be listed in your order information and as long as this date is in the future and don't change I wouldn't be too worried :)

    I hope this helps a bit even if it's no UK Information.

  • Hey thanks for the reply!

    Yeah I got mine when there was about 1800 or so left and says 7th July too, guess i've just got to pratice being patient! haha 😅

    Thanks again!

  • I got mine in the UK which were ordered very early after launch. I think i got in at about 1200 still left.

    I think they had a few in stock and the rest due.

  • Hi thanks for the replu Simon!

    Happy for you that you got yours so soon! But did you get a tracking email or UPS tracking code? We're all trying to see if they've sent ours out or not


  • You should get an email from Fanatec with the invoice attached when it goes from processing to processed - this means it's gone into the warehouse queue and is awaiting shipping.

    Then, normally in the evening you should see the UPS tracking number appear on the order page in the website.

    If you set up the UPS app with your address it should alert you when a shipment is shipping for you. I see it appear as soon as fanatec create the label.

    Another thing to look at is on the order page, have serial numbers been added to your items... that's normally done when they ship

    I buy a lot from Fanatec (about 50k in the past 12 months)

  • Wow! $50k? Holy smokes!

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