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Hallo zusammen,

ich besitze das CSL Elite F1 Set + das Loadcell Kit .

Game : F1 2020 auf PS4

Ich habe folgendes Problem: Ich habe im Tuning Menu der Base, BLI und SHO auf 100 eingestellt. Ohne das ich F1 2020 auf der PS4 gestartet habe vibriert das Lenkrad bei 100% Bremslast.

Sobald ich aber F1 2020 starte ist die Funktion weg.

Muss ich bestimmte Einstellungen im Spiel beachten? Oder wird BLI in F12020 auf der PS4 nicht unterstützt?


  • I have the same issue, although I occasionally get it to work but without changing any settings so I believe it is an issue with the game rather than hardware issue.

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    I use CSL elite wheelbase, Formula v2 wheel. The game also turns this rumble off for me, and it has never worked right away. The only way I have been able to get the BLI vibrations to work consistently on PS4 is as follows;

    Pre-requisites to the process;

    1. Do not use the standard PS4 controller at any point throughout the process, only the wheel
    2. Make sure suspend game option is enabled in PS4 settings before running the process


    1. Start the PS4 using the PS4 power button, not auto-turn on with the controller
    2. Turn the wheel on
    3. Using the wheel, log into the PS (if applicable), navigate to and start F1 2020 game
    4. Once the game loads, go into the F1 2020 game menu (press any button on the wheel and wait until all connections to CodeMaster servers are made)
    5. Long press the PS button on the wheel and put the PS4 into rest mode
    6. Turn the wheel off
    7. Wait until the PS4 is resting, at least 1-2 min
    8. Turn the wheel back on
    9. Turn PS4 back on using the power button on the PS
    10. You should now be in the game (bypassing the turning off of BLI the game does at the start), with BLI vibrations enabled
    11. Enjoy 😎

    The whole process takes around 3 minutes. I find my setup disconnects randomly at times, if this happens you have to repeat the process.

    If this helps you, a thank you would be appreciated 🙏🏽

    All the best

  • I tried this, and can confirm it works - but I find the feedback is all over the place, wheel weight fluctuates from super light to super heavy.

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    Interesting, I’ve never had an issue with the FFB behaving inconsistently (other than when Codemaster releases a new patch…). Is your wheel on the latest firmware?

  • I have a similar issue with my Formula Carbon V2 rim on the CSL elite.

    When playing ACC. My wheel disconnected randomly. I turned the wheel off and on again whilst in game still.

    Noticed I then had the ABS wheel Rumble which I'd never experienced before now.

    Was thinking I'd done something wrong with the wheel settings. But it must be something with the game and wheel not talking properly.

    I'll try the rest mode solution too & see what happens

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