CSL DD(with powerpack) feels weaker than CSW 2.5 at 60% in ACC

Im trying to figure out if this might be a setting, or it might just be a setting that i need to adjust.

If i set wheel rotation in game to 900 and in fanatec drivers to 900 aswell, overall strenght in acc on 60%, it doesn't feel as punchy. When i try Ermin Hamadovic's setting with 720 rotation and 75 overall it did feel better. But i steel wonder, it should be at least as strong as the CSW at similair settings right?


  • Set in game strength to 100 and FFB and FOR in Tuning Menu also to 100. Should feel strong er than CSW V2.5.

  • At a minimum set the wheelbase to 100% strength and don't use the force feedback scale. In my experience it makes the FFB feel extremely muted.

  • uhmm... when you test the strength of the CSW 2.5 is it also at 60% or are 100%? Else what you are saying is logical. Someone else said here on the forums that the CSW is around 8nm as well.

  • What do you mean, in game? i would it expect it be at least as strong as the csw at the same settings.

    I understand that if i max out the CSL DD it would be stronger, but the CSW at 100% would also be stronger.

    I will test some more today.

    I like these settings because that way i have plenty of headroom for clipping and such

    wheelbase - 100%

    FEI 100%

    Ingame - 60%

    Rotation wheel - 900

    ingame rotation - 900

    Indeed the CSW is 8 nm.

  • I'm in here for the same reason. I had a CSW 2.5 and now the CSL DD. For both wheels, I had always set the wheel itself to 100% force feedback strength. I play F1 2021. For the CSW I had been running at 65% force feedback strength in game. But with the DD, even at 100 it feels like almost nothing. I didn't get the upgraded power pack because I had been running the 8 newton meter CSW at 65% and thought the DD at 100 would be just right. I feel like something must be wrong because I can't imagine they'd release a base that feels like a 1 watt toy. I cranked up the force feedback setting in f12021 to 150% and it's almost enough. I feel like something's wrong and they're going to need to update the driver or the firmware. They probably also need to make a cheaper upgrade path for us to get the bigger power pack cuz this is a piece of junk as it is.

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    They dont need to upgrade the driver or firmware - strength is as intended. Its 5Nm in PEAK mode and 4Nm in LINEAR mode, thats it.

    If its not enough for you and you have set in game strength to 100 in ACC as well, then you would need the Boost Kit to get satisfied.

  • Did you even read my post? What's 65% of 8? 5.2. I'm telling you, when running the CSL DD at 100 it's not even remotely as strong as my CSW at 65%. If I had to guess, it would be much less than half as strong as my CSW at 65%. Which would put it at about 2 newton meters. Yes, I'm running peak. I'm not stupid, I'm a systems administrator and I've been PC gaming since 1995. I've been running driving sims since 2000.

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    Because even when the in game strength is set to 65% it can still Peak to 8Nm. Only the FF setting in the Tuning Menu will cut the motor power. If you set the FF in the Tuning Menu of the CSW v2.5 to FF65 only then it will cut out at around 5Nm and thats the only proper way to comparte it with CSL DD 5Nm, not with in game strength settings.

  • I still need to do more testing, but with the wheel at 100% and 60% it should be as strong right (im running the powerpack)

    You're comparison is different because you dont have the power pack.

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    I have exact same feeling, CSW 2.5 with ACC setting of 60% feels stronger than CSL DD with 75% in-game. Both set to 100 in fanatec manager. I am having boost pack as well so I'd expect similar forces on same settings.

  • I tested again and I belive the forces are more or less same on both wheels, maybe sustained load like heavy aero is a bit higher on CSW 2.5 but difference is not huge.

  • Yeah that's a good one, i wonder why that is. A good example would be driving full gas on a straight road and swearving from the left to the right, in that scenario the CSW feels stronger.

    I did testing at 100% in acc and they got a lot closer to each other, still felt like the CSW had a tiny edge over the CSL DD

  • Might be because the CSW is rated at 8.5Nm which might already explains the small difference.

    Also the Holding Torque of the CSW is unknown. CSL DD with BK180 has a Holding Torque of 6Nm which also might be a bit stronger than CSW but nobody knows this...

  • After trying the CSL DD in Iracing i can conclude that it is not weaker than the CSW 2.5, what i can say that its a bit weird because in ACC it does have a difference, maybe it needs updating on Kunos side.

  • CSL DD has only just been released. Games will take some time to update to accommodate the new base? Hence why we are still using the compatibility mode?

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