Bolt length for bottom-mounting CSL DD

Just a tip for anyone planning to bottom-mount their CSL DD to their rig/ stand:

MAKE SURE that your bolts are 10mm longer than the thickness of whatever platform you're mounting to, and NO MORE than 10mm.

I know, it does show this in the quick start guide that comes with the base, but I overlooked it. I previously had a 911 GT2 wheel mounted to my stand, and I figured I could just use the same M6 bolts for mounting the CSL DD.

Not so fast. The bolts I have are 20mm, which as it turns out, is about 5mm too long in my case. For whatever reason, on the underside of the CSL DD, the channel that holds the middle t-nut is deeper than the two outer channels, so my longer bolt actually had enough clearance to be tightened up in the middle channel, no problem.

When I went to tighten the two outer bolts, because of the shallower channels, I was only partially able to do so, and not without them actually grinding slightly into the metal base of the DD. 😦😖

So, looks like I'll be making a trip to the hardware store tomorrow to buy some proper-sized M6 bolts. (Of course I made this realization 5 minutes after the store closed for the day.🙄)


  • i feel your pain... use a few washers :)

  • Yeah, I guess technically, I could've stacked a bunch of washers on each of the bolts that were too long... but besides needing like 4 or 5 for each and how silly that would look, I don't have any spare washers either. 🤷‍♂️ FML

  • Can't you cut the bolts to the proper length?

  • In theory, sure. But if I don't even have any spare washers laying around, what would make you think that I have the proper tools to be able to cut a metal bolt? 😂

  • Most hardware store have hacksaws with replaceable blades (for steel) and you can use that to cut bolts to the right length.

    Recommended to screw a nut past where you want to cut, just so that, after you have trim the screw and filed the cut down nicely, you can then unscrew the nut which helps to clean out the threads.

  • How should he hold the bolts in place while he's sawing? Assume he doesn't have a bench vice. And since you're suggesting he goes to a hardware store to get a hacksaw. He could also just buy some washers or proper length bolts from that same store. Why go the hard route on this?

  • I used a plier and lots of rags to rest the bolt on. Just let the blade do the work and not too much pressure on it or it will move.

    Most local bike shops will have a vice and hacksaw.

    Or just... buy spacers... or get bolts with the right length (possible, but usually they are a few mm off)

    OP indicated he had a rig and so I assumed he is more of an enthusiasts (with tinkering possibilities) as opposed to just an off-the-shelf-user. My bad for assuming such.

  • Gregg DomainGregg Domain Member
    edited August 2021

    My "rig" is a RennSport Wheel Stand that I bought from Fanatec a little over 10 years ago, which for assembly, required nothing more than a standard wrench and the hex keys that it came with.

    I'm the first to admit that I definitely lack the "handyman" gene and am not particularly mechanically inclined. If getting the results i need either involves me having to perform the fix myself, or paying a few bucks for an already- existing solution, I'm taking the easy route every single time.

    I posted this thread originally mainly out of frustration with myself and the situation i found myself in, and as a bit of a PSA so that maybe others would check their equipment and be careful so that they wouldn't have to share a similar experience. That's all.

    Anyway, problem solved, I've got it all mounted, secured, and good to go now. 🏎🏁👍

  • Good it all got resolved.

    Apologies if I sounded harsh. I am just going to use a table clamp and then see if my interest will allow a rig. Space and getting the missus to agree will be tougher challenge.

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