UK Import Charges.

Uk import charges.

So I have a csl DD on order for my second rig, and thought I would get the McLaren v2 wheel and quick adapter to go with it so I ordered these and this is the cost to the uk.

CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2 Current unit price: €199.95 * 168,03 € *

QR1 Wheel-Side (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter) Current unit price: €99.95 * 83,99 € *

QR1 Lite Wheel-Side (Simplified Quick Release Adapter) FOR FREE! €0.00 *

 Shipping €27.01

Then I got an E-mail telling me delivery date and I went with my tracking number to the ups site and tracked the delivery and there was a pay now button to pay directly on the site with out logging in, and that came to.


Brokerage charge of £11.50

& Government charge of £50.21

So all conversions done and that is a sum total of £300.87p


  • Is there a breakdown of the calculation of the government charge? 20% of value of items?

    Brokerage is fixed I assumed for how ever much.

  • hi,

    i double checked the site but there is no breakdown of the government charges, just the figure of £50.21 so there is no way to see what that actually is/or what it is made up of, my cls DD is due 19th oct, and ill add the information on that to this post to see if there is any consistency to it of they just make a stab in the dark and see if anyone complains lol.

  • craig barbercraig barber Member
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    That £50.21 seems about right.

    The prices in euros include EU taxes, take that off and thats what you pay Fanatec, about 250. The V.A.T. in the U.K. is 20%, and 20% of 250 is 50, a rough estimate due to currency conversion so there is a bit of variance.

    As for the cls DD(boost kit), you'd be looking to pay a total of £84 to £87 (£73 Tax plus £11.50 brokerage fee), at least that's what I payed for mine.

    Hope that helps.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    Can you email UPS to request how the government calculate their charges?

    I ordered the CSL DD, pedals, mount & wheel and it all comes to about £500 so expecting to pay extra £100+/-£10 for charges.

  • David RyanDavid Ryan Member
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    Charges seem about right.

    I ordered the mclaren wheel with the standard quick release.

    Import duty was £37.53

    Ups handling fee £11.50

    Funny thing is the wheel arrived today and the quick release is still in Stanford le hope even though both items arrived in the uk at the same time and date lol.

    Why didn't fanatec either tape the quick release to the wheel box or place it inside fgs.

    Well done Fanatec good thinking....😡

  • oh dude i feel for you, mine is due tomorrow, and i have 3 box's, according to the tracking 1 wheel and both the connectors hope to get them at the same time lol... and the DD on the 19th oct lol

  • Did you order them separately? Would have thought they would be shipped together for an order put through together as it was cheaper to lump everything together for shipping.

    When I ordered mine, I tried removing a few items to see the changes it does to shipping and it was definitely more expensive for the 2 shipping cost with 2 orders.

  • i ordered it at the same time, and i just had a message from UPS saying delivery delay, not coming till friday now :( lol....

  • Same here,The quick release has moved from wednesday to thursday and now friday for delivery.

    This is a joke i have had the wheel since tuesday and can't use it....😡

  • it just turned up and im very pleased after waiting a year lol.

  • My quick release just turned up as well 😎Happy days.

  • Original post

    1. You are charged VAT at 20% of cost of goods. It depends on the exchange rate but on today’s rates your goods cost £216.20, VAT = £43.24
    2. you are charged import duty at 2.5% of cost of goods + delivery, for you this was £237.67, 2.5% = £5.95
    3. £43.24 + £5.95 = £49.19, plus standard brokerage charge (this is the delivery company fee for collecting the tax on the government’s behalf), you were charged slightly more because unfortunately it’s tied to the exchange rate.
    4. Your total cost appears to be correct. 👍🏻

  • HMRC actually work it out slightly differently but but you are in the right ball park. You are charged import duty, if applicable, on the gross cost of the product and postage.

    You are then charged VAT on the gross cost of the product, postage and import duty. Yes - they even charge you VAT on the duty!

    The rate of import duty varies depending on the Trade Tariff commodity code of the product. The good news is some items are exempt - Fanatec products are classed as toys so they are exempt - 0% import duty.

    So just VAT on product AND postage and the handling fee.

  • VAT on postage as well??? 🤬🤬🤬

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