Any update on the Quickrelease 2.0 ?

Can we get an update on the Quickrelease 2.0?

It's been really quiet since the BMW M4 and Bentley steering wheel showcase.



  • nop nothing new. However Fanatec could have given us an update instead of just saying nothing after Q2 ;)

  • I'm guessing they have to get the PS version of the CSL DD out and in the world first. That's got to be just around the corner. They'd have egg on their face if they announced the QR2 today, and a new wheelbase with the old QR tomorrow.

    There's always the possibility they pair the new PS DD with the QR2. That would explain why the CSL DD appears to have a c-clamp holding its shaft on. I don't know, but I would bet the two product releases are linked somehow.

  • Yes 100%, I guess they want to avoid a sh*t storm for the delay... which seems to work, because not a lot of people are remembering the Q2 release date and the new Quickrelease at all :D

  • I do...

    And get a reminder everytime I'll have to remove the screw from my wobbly QR1 ;)

    Hopefully we don't have to wait until the DD3 (or whatever) announcement...

  • there are 2 possibilities:

    1. they have bigger problems with the production (maybe software related) and can't name a new release date
    2. the release is right around the corner but they wait until they are 100% sure
  • It will be software and issues with logistics I think.

    The supply chain issues that impacted sales of existing products throughout this year will likely affected the new releases too - CSL DD seems to be the outlier.

    Also likely that they are struggling with the new software for the new QR and the announced wheels that utilise Canbus. Software development is not Fanatec's strength as we all know.

    Q2 was a long time ago. We are one month away from Q4. They have no excuse for not updating on the release schedule, release couldn't have been just around the corner for 5 months. I doubt we will see this, or the new wheels this year.

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    The new QR does not need any new electronics or Software. It's just an Adapter like the QR1 (ClubSport Quick Release Adapter) without any electronics.

  • Ok thanks, then we can rule that one out ;)

    But it's a little bit strange that we don't get any update after missing the planned release.

  • You forgot about the base. The wheel adapter is no use without the new electronic assembly for the base. :-)

  • It uses the same Molex-Connection on P DD Bases and the same USB-C connection on CSL DD.

    There is really no magic electronics/Software needed...😅

  • Why are you even saying this? It was mentioned earlier that a ground up rewrite of the code was underway to more elegantly incorporate the canbus functionality that the new wheels have that the new QR will enable. This isn't magic electronics - it's software architecture. BTW - just because you use the same plug does not mean that you get the same functionality. 😂

  • The re-write of the code is needed to hopefully fix the Jolts. It's not needed for Canbus because the Fanatec bases dont use Canbus anyway. Canbus is only used on real world cars and is controlled through the cars electronics.

  • Nonsense. Look at the unused port on the top right of your DD and tell me what it is labelled as? Currently redundant but present.

    CAN bus has plenty of uses outside of automotive, but the primary use I think Fanatec will make of it is to allow telemetry to be shared between simualtors and real life - that is why the provision was made in hardware and is now being incorporated it into the software architecture. The fact that this might help the jolts is a secondary benefit - not the primary reason for the rewrite. Why do you not know this?

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    Believe what you want to believe but always believe in yourself :)

    But to end this, the code rewrite of the Firmware is NOT needed for the QR2 at all and is exclusively done to hopefully fix Jolts and improve the P DDs in general. In fact, QR2 can also be used on CSL DD and guess what, it doesnt have this CAN bus port ;)

  • So the connection itself stays basically the same. But do you have any small insider information why we don't get any information? :D

  • yes, but for NDA reasons I am not allowed to tell you, sorry. ^^

  • I guess we will see in the fullness of time. One of us will look like an idiot. :-) Will it be the argumentative Scotsman who is relying on common sense and guesswork to join the dots, or the German beta tester with access to inside information? Tune in to the next exciting episode to find out...

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    I mean it's speculation vs insider information, I know what I would bet on :D

    Maybe the Simracing Expo can shed a light into the dark:

    ''Our booth will be full of our latest and upcoming products''

  • Would that be the one who said the the QR 2 was no different than the clubsport QR, that it won't need new firmware and that no Fanatec products are "CAN bus Ready" and that nobody uses CAN except car makers. That's where the smart money should go.

    But ask yourself this - why would Fanatec go to all the trouble of working with motorsports teams creating wheels that could be used on a sim rig and a car if their was no benefit? Why would they build a CAN bus port into their high end wheels if there was no intention to use it? My guess is that the whole point of this is for the BMW and probably to a lesser extent Bentley to run telemetry captured from the car in a sim using a Fanatec base and CAN bus compatible wheel. But we will see, doesn't seem that far fetched to me. And I guessed right when I called out the CSL DD as not an April Fool - although I may have been miles away with my guess at the cost!.

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    You are the master when it comes to interprete things in a completely different way.

    1. I never said the QR2 is no different to ClubSport QR. Of course the whole shape is different as you can see from photos. The connection however is the same (Molex for P DD, USB-C for CSL DD with the exact same layout for the Wheel Pins which is still the way the wheels interact with Fanatec Bases)
    2. The new QR2 does not need new Firmware on a Fanatec Base - thats a fact. I run the QR2 for quite some time already without any special new firmware which needed to be re-written. I am sure if I would try it would even work with the very first Firmware which was released with the P DD Bases some years ago.
    3. I also did not said that no Fanatec Products are CAN Bus ready - I only said the wheels wont use CAN bus connection.
    4. And of course car manufacturers are not the only ones who use CAN but only real world cars will use the CAN bus connection for the new wheels - the Fanatec Bases do not use CAN bus to interact and/or power the wheels.

    So please stay to the facts and dont interprete words (maybe even intentionally) wrong. Thanks.

  • All the patience in the world ... but I begin to doubt about the resolution of the various problems on PDD ... too many months of waiting and nothing moves.In the meantime, every 6 months my DD goes to assistance (Very Kind) for problems on the qr or internal at the base ... having said that I do not lose hope for a solution from Fanatec.

    I don't want to be rude to you in fact I hope for the best.

  • to keep it simple Gary, the QR2 is only a replacement on a hardware level, you could use a really old driver and firmware and the base wouldn't care if it is a QR1 or QR2.

  • Hi guys,

    I'm thinking about upgrading to a DD1/2 and a new rim (from my CSW v2 and 918 rim) and I'm trying to work out whether I should wait until the QR2 is released? I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm not fully up to date on the benefits and purpose of the QR2. The situation I am trying to avoid is buying new equipment now and then a few months later QR2 is released and I miss out on some key benefits unless I buy a QR2 kit.

    Is there any benefit to QR2 that I would miss? I am not interested in the Bentley or BMW M4 rims or any rim that I could use in a real car. I would be interested if QR2 fixes the play/movement issues that people have reported in the QR1.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  • Yes, the Main purpose of QR2 is to fix the play and flex of the QR1.

  • Thanks Maurice. Am I stupid to think the QR2 is going to release some time in Q4?

  • The problem is we don't know if there gonna be any packages or if it's like an ''always seperate additional'' product.

    That's why nobody can tell you if you should wait.

    My DD1 quickrelease doesn't have any flex, but I'm still gonna upgrade, just because you don't need to screw/unscrew anything with the QR2.

  • Thanks Florian, I guess I'll see what happens closer to Christmas.

  • In the meantime, like many other people, I'm in a holding pattern on buying new wheels, since I don't want to have to upgrade their QR a few weeks or months later. It would really be nice to know how long I'm going to have to fly around in circles :).

  • Still flying around I guess. How many aerial re-fueling have you done? 😉

    Till after Christmas...

  • I think they will release the QR2 after the Homologation of the BMW M4 GT3 car.

    The QR2 must fit on the real car and the sim bases. If the FIA complain now, it not good for Fanatec if they sell the QR2 now. Than they have to call back the QR2 which were sold before Homologation.

    I think that is the Reason for not release actually.

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