Help, I cannot see my CSL DD shipping date like everyone else.

As that title states, I cannot see my shipping date for the CSL DD. I look at my orders, but it only shows my purchase date of 6/8/21, and no ship date.

What am I doing wrong? I got order 1281XXX.

If its painfully clear what I need to do to see my shipping date, please be gentle with me and just show me where to look. Thank you in advance!!


  • Go to your order, and click "View" button under "Action" tab. You should be able to see the availability date of each product you have ordered.

    If it's not showing, it's probably already in stock and available for shipping so congrats ^^

  • hi, did you have a shipping date to start with, if so it could mean that its going to be shipped shortly, this is mine :)

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    All the information will be shown on your order status page under “Orders”

  • Your order has not been shipped yet and so there is no shipping date. Just the availability date.

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