Final cast of the product (including taxes l, shipping etc.)


I am interested in buying formula v2.5x wheel from fanatec website but it’s not fully clear to me what is the final price I would have to pay (including taxes, shipping etc)

When I add product in my shopping basket and proceed to check out, choose payment method the price is that final price or not? If not, how should I know how much additional cost is there going to be? 

My shipping address is in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


  • you are in the EU right so no more additional charges.

    i am in the UK so even after the payment to Fanatec, we are liable for import duty + VAT +++ whatever. i know it will be an additional 20% on top of the "payment" to Fanatec. not an exact figure but a number i am willing to accept to get their product.

  • That's the price Fanatec will charge you for the product and shipping. As Bosnia is not part of the European Union they are probably charging you the price without any VAT.

    I'm unsure of the trade agreements between the EU and Bosnia but I imagine you'd have to pay at least the VAT and some handling fee when the parcel arrives to your country.

  • Thank you for reply Manuel. Based on you reply I guess I would have to pay additional tax (17% in mu country) and customs (5-10%). But then why it says plus shipping costs on screenshot bellow?

    It is really hard to make decision what to purchase when you don’t have clear final price you have to pay for, but thanks again for reply :)

    If anyone else has any experience with

  • Unfortunately Bosnia is not in EU so I’m also worried abotu additional fees. I agree with you, I am also willing to add about 20% of additional costs to get fanatec products, bur I just hope that it won’t be somewhere around 50%…

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    Oh dear. Apologies. Did not know Bosnia is not part of the EU... 🙄

    Shipping costs? That is the cost of delivery to your house.

    Click on the "Proceed to checkout" button and you will see the cost. You can still cancel the transaction after that. As long as you do not put down your credit card number, you can still cancel the transaction. 😉

    If you are not comfortable with getting something without totally knowing what the final cost will be, go with something available in your country. Try another make(brand) of FFB equipment which is available locally.

    Is there UPS in Bosnia? Fanatec is using UPS to deliver, from Germany to UK. Email them and ask them how much extra VAT or whatever charges you have to pay, if an item costing €300 is delivered to you from Germany. Then you can roughly find out, but I don't think you can find out the exact figure.

  • Honestly, I'd try contacting Fanatec Support to see if they can offer up some more precise information.

  • Please see screenshot in my first post. The price is 310€, there is nothing additional like shipping cost or tax.

    I have already sent mail to fanatec support and I am waiting for their response.

    Anyway thank you for replies, I am already into fanatec ecosystem but this would be my first time to make purchase directly from fanatec.

    Let’s hope additional costs won’t be that much :)

  • ok so you are after the formular v2.5 x which is €369.95,

    the price that shows for me, your not in the eu so the tax in Bosnia is 17.% fanatec takes this into account when you purchess but you won't see this till you get to the final window to pay, you state the price you have is €310. so that has has the deduction of your countrys tax, and it looks like the shipping should be around €27.01 so your checkout should be around €337.01 to pay to fanatec then a handleing fee of aprox €11.00 for ups and then add your tax to that which should be around €62.00 so at the very top end of the scale it should cost a total of around €399.00 now that is aprox the top end should be no more than that.

  • Thank you very much for clarifying that to me.

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