CSL DD strange magnetic noise and distorted FFB


Have had my CSL DD for a few weeks now, spending most of my time in rF2. Has been fine for 90% of the time, now that I have dialled in the settings to my liking (in game and via the Fanatec Control Panel).

However, I have on a couple of occasions experienced a strange issue whereby out of nowhere (sometimes if I leave then rejoin a server in game, or in same cases a server changing session from practice to qualy for example), that the motor starts to make a strange “magnetic” / juddery type noise under rotation, and the FFB becomes quite distorted. It is still technically drivable but it does affect me quite a lot, and has already led to me missing an important race session.

I tried to use the rF2 FFB reset binding in game but to no avail, yet when I restart the game, it works absolutely fine again and is smooth as normal.

I’ve attached a video that sort of shows what I’m trying to explain, but hoping I might be able to capture something better in future. (Please excuse my legs).

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Either in rF2 or another title?

I’m not sure if it’s a hardware issue or whether it might be the game itself?


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