No Steering input in ACC and Raceroom with CSL DD / Clubsport Formula 2.5

Finally yesterday my CSL DD arrived with my clubsport formula 2.5 wheel yaay ..

My upgrade path up untill now was is => Logitech G29 to a G29 / CSL elite LC pedal combination as my logitech pedal set started to bug me 

with potentiometer issues early on . 

then CSL DD + CSL Elite LC pedals + clubsport Formula 2.5 wheel 

Even though upgrading from the Logitech Pedals to the CSL elites was less of an issue issue than I feared , 

(the pedals were pretty much immediately recognized by the 3 titles I played being : RaceRoom, Assetta Corsa Competizione and Assetta Corsa ) 

the CSL DD is giving me a hard time in Raceroom and ACC since they both do NOT accept my steering inputs only Asetto Corsa does however

What i CAN do is pretty much map every button on my Formula wheel , (except some minor issues with the encoders) 

I installed the 415 drivers and fanalab app and I clearly see every input light up in the Fanatec driver app 

buttons, steering and pedal input 

Even the LED lights on the formula wheel from fanalab worked correctly in ACC as I revved the engine and was capable of driving straight in to the wall at kyalami :)

So I tried to map the controls by running the base in PC mode , Xbox mode as well as compatibility mode, 

However I notice a weird issue with the pedals where for some reason suddenly i have to "invert" the input as 0% input suddenly is depicted as 100% 

Where as I can not remember this happening when I connected the CSL Elite LC pedal set directly to the PC when i still used the G29 

Next i tried was uninstalled the fanatec drivers , as well as Fanalab , and I deleted the control.json file from ACC to force a new profile .. 

all to no avail .. 

Next thing on the list for me will be to completely uninstall and reinstall Raceroom as well as Asetto Corsa Competizione, but before doing that I was hoping for someone other 

ACC/CSL DD owner who might have encountered the same problem to point me in the right direction 

Thanx in advance


  • I never know what mode to run the CSL DD in, tbh. I think Fanatec is recommending ACC (and most games it seems) be run in CMP mode for the time being.

    I did that a few times, but as you mentioned, I seemed to have similar issues with needing to remap controls upon starting up the game. I've since taken to running in PC mode with ACC. Despite initially having to remap everything again, I've played probably half a dozen times since without issue.

  • found someone else having similar issues in F1 game ..

    1. Boot up PC, Fanalabs launches on boot.
    2. Wheelbase is in PC mode, is detected by Fanalabs.
    3. Manually load the appropriate control profile for the game I'll be playing.
    4. Switch wheel to CMP mode.
    5. Close Fanalabs.
    6. Launch game.

    ill give this a try this evening

  • I've ordered a CSL DD but not sure I'm really up for all this messing around. My 11 year old Fanatec 911 GT2 works flawlessly with regard to literally just always working with games, you install a game, you map the controls once and that's it, it always works, forever. My wheel doesn't use Fanalab anything like that, it has a simple driver that always works.

  • The price we pay for having the "latest and greatest". Game devs haven't yet implemented native support for the hardware, and even Fanatec themselves are still trying to work out bugs and various issues.

    Despite being more stable and overall "set it and forget it" couldn't pay me to go back to my old 911 GT2 wheel now.

  • At what point is it no longer 'latest and greatest' if it's just a headache to get to work properly? Latest, sure, but greatest, not so much if it is a chore to use. Long gone are the days when gaming developers (hardware and software) release a perfectly polished product. You wouldn't be happy if your new washing machine just didn't work half the time and you were told that it's new so probably bhas bugs that may or may not get sorted at some point. You'd literally send it back right away and demand a completed fully functioning reliable replacement. Sim hardware should be no different, it's a piece of kit that should just work all the time when expected.

  • I think we are pushing into the enthusiasts boundary, where you need to tweak your setup and it is just not a straightforward bolt on and away you go; esp so that you need to take into consideration how competitive the base is priced. accuforce, leobodnar, simucube & etc all cost so much more as well, so you have to take that into consideration.

    We do not know how many units Fanatec shipped without any problems or whether those high end sim bases are also problem free, which I do not think so as well considering we are talking about "plug n play" computer components. There are so many different combinations of motherboard/cpu/gpu out there with different drivers/firmwares for various situations. Something will not marry up sometimes.

    If you want to use washing machine as an example, getting a sim base will be like choosing your own motor/drum or controlling chipset or display unit for your washing machine. Each from a different manufacturer and each will have its own driver/firmware.

    But unfortunately the washing machine appreciation society/industry is not large enough for us to want to customise it, hence it is always produced as a whole entity.

    Just log onto any gpu forums and you see lots of setup problems as well.

    Expect a bit of tweak or just cancel the order and go get a thrustmaster/logitech, which is similarly priced or thereabouts and you can plug and play. Are thrustmaster/logitech forums any less troubleshoot free?

  • I can vouch for that , i had a shitton of problems getting my g29 to properly work in the beginning as well , and installing and uninstalling and rolling back drivers was the way to go as well there ...

    for me currently it works very well in ACC by putting the wheel in compatibility mode ..

    the only thing that DOESNT work right now are the revlights , I got them to light up once , but coudnt reproduce the behavior .. the the numerical leds work however ... they display my speed , Gear , TC and ABS settings when i change them but i need to figure out how to get the revlights to work all the time .. .as for raceroom racing experience , i didnt try that the second i got ACC to recognize my wheel inputs 🤫

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