Do xbox to ps4 converters work?

I'm wanting to upgrade to a Podium set up but use a ps4 for Gran Tourismo but don't want to have to pay over £2k for the privilege so I'm trying to vet the converters I've seen as that's obviously a much cheaper way to go. Do they work OK lor are they too good to be true?


  • I've personally used the Drivehub, and it worked great. I had an old Fanatec wheel that was compatible with Xbox 360, but I wanted to use it with Xbox One. Paid the $90 for it, and it worked pretty much exactly as advertised. Totally worth it.

    I can't speak to using it with a PS4/5 as I have no experience with that personally, but I think it should work the same in theory.

  • DriveHub also works with PS4 / 5, but for PS5 you need to purchase a special HORI MINI WIRED gamepad. The base of the podium must be clubsport 2.5. I have been using DriveHub for 2 years now for games on consoles - first ps4, now xbox sx and ps5, very happy.

  • Ah... yeah that's one thing that's not always clear to people: the fact that you need an extra (wired) controller to plug into the DriveHub. That obviously drives up the cost a bit, but still... it's still way cheaper than buying an all new wheel, pedals, etc.

  • I use my Xbox One controller for Tekken on my PC, but I know pretty much all tourneys or locals are going to be on PS4. I have a much easier time with Xbone D-pad than Dualshock 4, so are Xbox->PS4 adapters a possible option? I'm not sure how they do in terms of input lag or legal status for most tourneys.

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