ACC - Driving Assists Off But CSL DD Corrects Slide For Me

The thread title pretty much describes the issue - I've turned the driving assists off but when I start to slide the wheelbase countersteers for me. Does anyone know how I can correct this? I have steering assist turned off.


  • really? do you get better lap times? 😆

    sorry... 😉

  • I'm not sure how the wheelbase would countersteer for you. Are you using the Fanatec recommended settings from here in the forum? They feel pretty good to me.

    I'm guessing maybe you were just testing, but FWIW, real GT3 and GT4 cars were designed to be driven with TC and ABS enabled. I suspect you'll have a hard time setting better lap times in game with them disabled.

  • Cant hold my breath, this is so funny :D

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    Using a CSL DD is clearly cheating! :D :D :D

  • this is how real cars react - when you start to slide, you loosen your grip on the wheel and it counter steers.

  • Racing with the ABS and TC on (only Steering Assist off) - which is the weird part. I've been using settings Ermin Hamidovic recommended in one of his videos. Probably worth the shot to try the recommended settings from the forum.

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    Hi Colin, our baseline settings will behave the same. The way to prevent the wheel base from countersteering for you is to turn FF (or FOR) down to zero, giving you essentially zero force feedback. Or you can set FOR very low and NFR very high (definitely not recommended). It doesn't make sense to do either of these things. There is rarely any reason to turn down FF or FOR down from 100 with a CSL DD. Reducing FF or FOR from 100 simply reduces the dynamic range of the motor, so you are missing out on performance.

    The sensation of the wheel countersteering for you is natural behaviour, it is one of the the core elements of force feedback. It happens in reality, so to remove it would not make sense. Of course you can tweak the speed and strength of this reaction with different settings. In particular, higher values of NDP and NFR will slow the wheel's countersteering behaviour, but it is not recommended to set these values too high, because it makes the steering feel too damped, and you also start to lose some of the finer details of the signal.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • The "automatic" countersteer is the natural reaction of a car/kart/racecar. The front wheels want to align with the direction of travel, the feel of that will be dependent on suspension geometry.

  • The “counter steer” effect you are having is due to the caster of the car in the tyres section of setup, the lower the value, the less the counter steer.

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