Black Friday Banner up?

I noticed that that FANATEC has the Black Friday banner announcement up and the Brake kit for the CSL Load Cell was announced with a preorder for Nov26, anyone else see this? I dont see the kit anywhere else on their website. I am curious what kind of lead times we may see for the brake kit. I finally got my CSL DD and absolutely love it but I find the brake pedal to be too soft coming from the Logitech. The FANATEC has better feel but too soft for me. Would love to see some information on the BMW GT3 wheel as well.. or rather info suggesting that itll be remotely affordable.


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Richard,

    The Black Friday deals start on Black Friday itself, November 26th. The front page banner is currently there just to link people to the landing page that contains more info about what is coming.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks Dominic! Excited to see the products becoming available and eager to see the lead times.

  • So if i find the std CSL pedals ok, i trust i do not need to concern myself with the load cell pedals?

    Easier for me to modulate the brake pedals as i go round into a corner.

    It the brake pedals are much heavier, it will be tough for me to trail brake too?

  • Would I be able to purchase the standard CSL gas pedal with load cell brake and clutch up grade pedal without having to get a fourth pedal that's going to sit in a box never used?

  • No. You dont have a fourth pedal sitting in a box never used.

    The 200€ bundle included Throttle, LC Brake and Cllutch.

    If you already have a normal CSP Pedal set and you want to upgrade to the LC then you only have to buy the LC, NOT the CLutch Kit as the old brake pedal becomes the new clutch pedal ;)

  • So you're saying the "csl clutch kit" and load cell brake will be included in the three pedal set?

  • No. You do not need the Clutch Kit when you buy the LC because the Brake pedal becomes the Clutch pedal!

  • The CSL clutch kit is an upgraded pedal correct? Which will come in the kit with the three pedals? I'm just trying to understand you're not just going to send another gas pedal but the clutch kit. Thank you

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    The Clutch Kit is just another Gas Pedal if you want to see it that way (with heavier spring) but not with Throttle Port but with Clutch Port. Technically they are the same, there is nothing upgraded. It's just a third pedal which you do not need when you buy the LC because the old Brake pedal becomes the new Clutch paddle.. Dont know how to explain it any better but you really just Move the old Brake to the outer left position, change cables and that's it. No need for the Clutch Kit.

  • Okay thank you. I thought I remembered that your clutch kit that you can get as an add-on comes with an upgraded spring with more tension to make it seem more like a clutch. And it's not just another standard pedal like the gas pedal. I guess I will remembered wrong about what the clutch kit details were. Thank you for clarifying I'm sorry I misunderstood.

  • AFAIK it uses the same spring as used in the brake pedal. Therefore the old brake pedal easily can become the clutch paddle when you buy the LC, you just remove the foam of the brake pedal and it should feel identical to the Clutch Pedal Kit you could otherwise buy in the store.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    It is only those who purchased the standard CSL pedals (throttle and brake) and then purchased the clutch kit. And then will further purchase the load cell kit... will end up with 4 pedals.

    Those who have decided to get the load cell kit will have waited all this while, whilst only been using the standard kit ie throttle and brake. And when they receive the load cell kit, that will be brake, and the "previous", brake, (that came with the standard kit), will now become the clutch.

  • Why is the load cell brake pedal so expensive? €119.95? The standard CSL throttle and brake pedal set is only €79.95?

  •, I guess? And because they obviously feel they can get away with charging that much.

    ~$200 is still (AFAIK) the cheapest available set of load cell pedals on the market.

    If I were buying from scratch, I think I'd probably just save up a bit more money and go for the CSP v3's. But as an upgrade, yes it's a bit steep, but I think it's probably worth it.

    Based on my experience going from "standard" pedals to the CSP v1's that I've been using for over 10 years now, having the load cell brake really made a big difference for me in terms of consistency. Of course, that was 10 years ago and pedal tech has come a long way since then, to where non-load cell pedals feel a heck of a lot better than the cheap plastic toys I started out with. But I think you'll definitely still be able to feel and appreciate the difference that a load cell brake will make. Whether or not it's worth Fanatec's asking price, well, of course only you can make that decision.

  • What is it about load cell that makes it "better"?

    I am currently using the standard CSL pedals...

  • Will a CSL wheelbase for PlayStation be part of the special product launch?

  • Regular (non load cell) pedals rely on distance... how far you depress the brake determines the amount of braking force applied. Real brakes in a real car don't work like this. They essentially rely on how hard you push the pedal, not on the distance of pedal travel. This is what load cells attempt to replicate.

    Muscle memory relies on... well, muscles, and it's much easier for your muscles to "remember" how hard they pressed rather than how far they pushed.

  • Right. Cheers for that.

    Currently I am relying on the position of my foot ie the distance travel. The pedals feel softer than my car of course as you mentioned, rightly so.

    I am actually working the pedal more like how I use the ‘clutch’ in my car, ie, full press all the way and slow and gradual release as I turn into a corner. And if I get it right, I do not fully release the brake pedal until I am close to the apex of the turn, so am I actually trail braking there?

    So you think it will be easier for me if it is how hard I push rather than how far I extend my foot?

  • "So you think it will be easier for me if it is how hard I push rather than how far I extend my foot?"

    I think most people find that to be the case, yes. I know I have.

  • I was actually hoping they'd put some kind of discount on the Inverted Pedals xD

  • sounds like a christmas present to me then 😉

    cheers. will give that a go!

  • I thought most racing cars have floor mounted pedals as that follows where you pivot your foot with your heel on the floor as you are sitting a lot lower.

    Family cars, you sit much higher compared to your foot and so you will raise your foot off the floor to press your pedals and so it is easier to top hinge them, brake and clutch that is. Throttle is fine if they are floor hinged. 🤔

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Yes, a pressure-based pedal usually feels more realistic than a travel-based pedal. You will still get some travel in the Load Cell Kit due to the compression of the elastomers, but it is the detailed pressure sensitivity of the load cell sensor that allows you to more precisely modulate your braking input, particularly in trail-braking.

    It's a significant upgrade. It gives you a third pedal (the standard brake converts to a clutch), so it can also be considered the more advanced alternative to the Clutch Kit. The Load Cell Kit doesn't just add a load cell sensor, it upgrades the electronics of the entire pedal set, allowing it to operate as a standalone USB device (if required), and allowing manual calibration of the axes. This allows you to set specific Min and Max points on the clutch and throttle, a Min point on the brake axis, and adjust load cell sensitivity via the BRF setting in the Tuning Menu. The manual calibration is saved to the pedals itself, meaning that it does not need to perform its auto-calibration every time you start up your equipment.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    … stand alone USB device…

    So you no longer plug the pedals into the base? It goes direct into the PC?

    … trail braking …

    Is that anything up to about 50% of braking, or whatever that is enough to slow the car down without losing control, as you turn in, and kept on up to the apex before accelerating away

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
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    We have many customers who just purchase Fanatec pedals to use with equipment from other brands. In this case, you have to use the pedals as a standalone USB device. Until the Load Cell Kit is available, the standard CSL Pedals require the ClubSport USB Adapter if you want to use them as a standalone USB device. Once upgraded with the Load Cell Kit, this USB functionality is included (the USB cable is included too), so you don't need to buy the ClubSport USB Adapter.

    For customers with a Fanatec Wheel Base, we recommend that you connect our pedals via RJ12 directly to the wheel base, not via USB. This is because RJ12 is more convenient, you free up an extra USB socket on your PC, and you can control the load cell sensitivity via the Tuning Menu while you drive.

    Trail braking is the technique of reducing brake pressure in a very precise way as you turn in to a corner. Heavy braking is normally done in a straight line for stability, but 'trailing off the brake' during the initial phase of the corner helps to control the rotation of the car. It is an important technique to master if you want to be fast. There are many videos about it, check them out :)

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    cheers Dom...

    I think I have on a very few occasions, did that unconsciously 😏 ... accidentally, when i went into a corner too fast and had to leave a bit of brake on or i was not going to hit the apex.

    Just need to do it more consistently... 😛

    btw... i absolutely love the CSL DD with my McLaren V2!!!

    Need to get a rig now as I can feel my table clamp moving with the table... as well as my office chair... 🙄

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator
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    Yes a load cell brake will also help you with consistency. It has a significantly heavier feel than the standard brake (you can turn BRF way down so that you only need to push very lightly, but that doesn't make much sense), so having a cockpit or solid way to fix the pedals in place is very important.

    You will also find that your force feedback feels even better once you get a rig, due to the stiffness.

  • I actually like how the Clubsport V3 Inverted pedals look, i believe it was on sale last year's black friday, correct me if im wrong,

    i'll still buy it anyways, before the year ends.

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