Is the CSL DD availability accurate?

I keep seeing alot of people who ordered after me (9/8) already receiving theirs orders. Does it have to do with where we are located? My order is only for the CSL DD & Boost Kit. My availability says 11/29 havent recieved any emails or anything


  • I am wondering the same, and my time just got pushed to January where it used to be the end of November. I ordered in October from Canada. I guess I will just keep my expectation low for now as it is a challenging time. Hope you get yours sooner.

  • Same for me. Got the email today that my original date of November 29th was pushed back to January 3rd 😕. Ordered it at the end of October, and I’m in the US.

  • Different regions will have different availability dates.

    You should get a norification or change of order status tomorrow. Shipping details about 2-3 days later. I received my base 11 days after availability date.

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