Impossible to set min value for fanatec Handbrake


I own a dd1, handbrake v1.5 and clubsport pedal v3.

I run all that on PC.

The handbrake is plugged on thee dd1.

When I play on Dirt Rally 2, it's often that the handbrake, though it is released, still apply a small pressure that blocks the car from running.

I then tried to apply a minimum vallue on the game setup, but it doesn't work well. So I tried to set a min value on the fanatec pc driver, and I'm surprised it doesn't work.

My questions are : Do I miss something ? Should I plug the handbrake to the pedales and not to the DD1 ? Is there a hardware tuning to do ? like compressing the spring ?

Thanks a lot for your kind answers.



  • Are your pedals connected to the wheelbase or your PC? I think that you need to have the handbrake connected to the pedals if they are connected to the PC, but if you connect the pedals to the wheelbase then you can connect the handbrake to the wheelbase and have access to the MIN/MAX values.

  • Hello,

    The pedals and the handbrake are connected to the wheelbase dd1. And of course the dd1 is connected to the pc. Which for me was the obvious way.


  • Yea, you should have the MIN/MAX buttons in the driver UI then. What driver are you running? I think the latest driver is what added/enabled that feature.

  • I have the latest driver and when I press the SET MIN or SET MAX for the handbrake, nothing happens. It works perfectly for the pedals, not for the handbrake.

  • Damn…..I know there are definitely members here on the forum that are more knowledgeable than I am. Hopefully they will interject and try to help out, I really don’t want to give you the default answer of “you should contact support” although it wouldn’t hurt.

  • HE HE, I think you are right, my policy Has always been :"when you don't find an answer to your problem on internet, it might be that you don't have problem :-)

  • I’m still with you, in that I think you should have the ability to set the values. I do know that Dirt 2.0 is still not quite right with my handbrake either. In the game it still works much more like just an ON/OFF button press instead of an analog action.

  • I must admit that I never spent enough time on the game to confirm what you say. But according to some tests on internet, the game should handle linear value for handbrake and not only 1-0. My main concern right now, is not only to set a min or max, but to realize something. WHY, WHY Fanatec used a potentiometer in its handbrake instead of a loadcell. It should not be a problem of price as any way most of their customers would not hesitate to spend 100 bucks more and have the top. It cannot be an industrial concern as they use loadcell for the pedals. I bought the fanatec handbrake as I thought it would have better integration with fanatec environment. But now, either I can find a solution to the min max problem (I will try to plug the handbrake to the pedals instead of the dd1), or I will go for another hanbrake brand, which is sincerely a shame. Fanatec people, please, take into account that a handbrake is so easy to design, axe, plate, spring, loadcell, elec board and plug, Why did you do so cheap ?

  • With hall sensor and PU-elastomer mod it´s pretty decent, but I would suggest go to Heusinkveld V2 instead.

    I had V3 pedals and calibration worked when connected handbrake to pedals.

    Now I have SimGrade R7 pedals and handbrake connected to worked fine with earlier firmware but latest killed it totally, no signal.

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