Treq Phone mount for CSL DD

Apologies for double posting...I also posted this in Third Party Hardware, but it seems that posts there don't show on the forum's home page when sorting by new threads, and get next to no exposure.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has one of these and could tell me a little about it. Like, does it actually fit on a CSL DD, how sturdy is it, how securely does it hold the phone, how adjustable is it, anything else I should know, etc?

I've been looking for something like this that's good quality, not like all of the 3d-printed stuff that I've seen which looks a bit s**t, if I'm honest. I do need something that attaches to the wheel base itself, due to how everything in my setup is currently situated. I don't want anything that relies on adhesive or magnets, so I don't mind paying a little bit more if this actually is as good as it seems.


  • Wow... just had a look after adding it to my cart to see what the total cost would be. Shipping costs to the US are insane!

    Conversion rates put the bracket itself at about $22, which is fine. Shipping via UPS Worldwide Express Saver (the only available option, apparently) is $38!

    I don't know that I can justify spending $60 on a phone bracket, even if it *is* all metal.

  • Just make one, you can buy any old cheapo phone holder and then just make a plate for it to mount to the two holes on the wheel base.

  • Yeah I was hoping I could find something good quality but relatively inexpensive so that I could save myself the trouble of making something (especially considering that I'm not the most mechanically- inclined person in the world). But yeah, no way am I paying shipping charges that are nearly double the price of the item itself.

  • I am surprised that Fanatec doesn't make a phone/tablet holder themselves.

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