CSL DD clipping

In iRacing I’ve noticed that using the Linear Mode setting produces a fair bit of clipping and having Linear Mode unchecked seems to help with this a lot!

My question is how much, if any detail am I loosing by having the Linear Mode setting unchecked?


  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Chris,

    I've moved this to the iRacing section because it is specific to this sim.

    You are not really losing detail, you are just feeling a non-linear feedback curve, which can be considered 'less realistic', but only if you are using a very powerful wheel base. Having iRacing's FFB set to non-linear boosts the smaller parts of the signal, so it feels 'stronger'. This is intended for lower powered wheel bases. With the CSL DD at 5 Nm, there is a good argument for setting it to non-linear, but it is personal preference more than anything. With the Boost Kit, I think linear is more clearly the better option, but some might still prefer non-linear. With a DD1 or something of that power, then it is more of a definitive 'yes it should be linear'.

    It is a common misconception that clipping is related to the wheel base - it is not (at least not directly). You are in control of 'how much' the FFB signal clips with the overall in-game strength slider. The reason why non-linear 'clips less' is because you are more satisfied with the feeling of strength in the lower parts of the signal, and therefore you don't need to run the in-game strength so high. If you are already close to the limit of clipping in non-linear, and you switch to linear and try to set the in-game strength to match the feeling of resistance in non-linear, then you will need to turn up the slider way more, causing clipping.

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