GT DD Pro causing very choppy performance

We all know that you must use compatibility mode with iRacing however even compatibility mode can cause extremely choppy (absolutely unplayable) gameplay at times. Seems the rev stripe works randomly and when it does the choppiness begins. The only way I have found to clear this is to cycle through the modes all the way around back to PC compatibility mode (while in game) and it seems to clear up. If you switch sessions or even pit this symptom can reappear. I love the performance of the wheel and base when it is behaving properly hopefully there will be a fix coming soon.


  • Since latest iRacing update you should be able to use PC mode.

    Working fine for me without any performance issues which tbh more sounds like a game issue.

  • It is even worse in PC mode and is not recoverable by cycling through the modes must power cycle and start new when trying to use native PC mode. Maybe mine is defective?

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Ambrose,

    There is no performance difference between PC Mode and Compatibility Mode from the point of view of the Fanatec hardware (it is just a USB ID switch). When you say 'choppyness' I believe you are referring to PC performance, like the framerate is dropping, or at least the frame timing is affected. This might not be related to Fanatec hardware at all. It is more likely a problem specific to iRacing, or your installation of iRacing, or your PC hardware/software.

    It is not recommended to switch between modes while you are in a sim. iRacing is one of the few sims that allow this, but I would always restart a sim if a fundamental hardware change has been made (like the USB ID in this case), so I don't think that is particularly unusual that you feel like it needs a power cycle or a restart.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thank you for the reply. I am indeed referring to framerate drop/timing and I do feel like it is related to the Fanatec hardware. I reinstalled my G29 and everything was great again. At this point I will try to uninstall and reinstall iRacing to see if this helps.

  • Here is an update: This is still a problem however, it is manageable by turning the base off and on again while in the sim. I usually have to do this at the start of the practice session, when advancing to qualifying and sitting on the grid. It is a huge pain. While I am cycling power on the base the gas defaults to maximum and in some cars my engine blows.

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