CSL DD Settings question

Hi everyone!

I noticed something weird in the fanatec iRacing recommended settings for the CSL DD.

The DD1/2 has FFS set to LINEAR while CSL DD has to be in PEAK mode. Is this relevant since both are direct drive systems and both have linear mode checked in game.

Thanks for your answers :)


  • Tim KocksTim Kocks Member
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  • I don’t think the csl dd has the dynamic range required to run linear FFB that’s just my opinion

  • Gregg DomainGregg Domain Member
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    🤨 you can very easily change the setting from Peak (non-linear, the default) to Linear on a CSL DD.

    That being said, you do raise a point. IIRC, in a post from Dominic (Community Manager), he mentioned that it's generally preferred to leave the CSL DD set to Peak (non-linear) because it will boost up the lower levels of FFB while allowing you to have good top-end FFB without clipping. With setting it to Linear, if you were to set the FFB gain to the point where the low to mid-level forces feel good, you would be more likely to experience clipping at the top end. (Setting the CSL DD to Linear also limits the maximum Torque output... the standard 5Nm model becomes 4, and the Boost Kit's 8Nm becomes 6.) The DD1/2 have a larger range of force that they're able to replicate, so there is really no need to have non-linear FFB levels. You can increase the gain to get the low levels feeling good while the motor still has plenty of room at the top end to supply force without running into clipping. Thus Linear is the preferred setting for them.

    At least that's my understanding of it, anyway.

  • Im having an issue that you are basically describing with my CSL DD. I have to set my force down in the 40% range to avoid clipping on the hardest corner(Eau Rouge) But the rest of the track feels so weak because theres just no force. I tried dynamic mode on FFBClip but thats just total garbage imo. How can I increase the low/mid range force but lower the high end like in Eau Rouge/Pouhon? I still have some hope that this can be resolved through some settings but so far Im regretting not going for the DD1/2 atm. :(

  • Sounds like it could be an iRacing-specific issue. I don't play iRacing, and I've not experienced anything like that.

  • Sorry I should have mentioned that I play on Assetto Corsa

  • I don't know what FFBClip is. To check my FFB levels in AC, I just use the built-in UI element in the shelf (I think it's just called Pedals or something like that)... shows your pedals inputs along with a grey bar for FFB.

    I use the settings posted here in the forums with my 5Nm CSL DD (more or less, I think I may have bumped up the in-game gain by 5 or 10%), and it all feels really good to me. Some cars I find I actually need to turn down on an individual basis when things get really "shakey & rattle-y" for lack of a better term.

    When you say you're experiencing clipping, are you talking about sustained cornering forces are causing the clipping? Or is it a case of sudden impacts (curb strikes, rumble strips, etc.) being added on top of sustained cornering forces which seem to be causing the clipping?

    What I've tried to do is take something like a formula car or an LMP or whatever, and test it like you said, around a track like Spa or Silverstone with fast sustained cornering speeds. Adjust your gain so that your FFB bar fills up to a max of maybe 90% or so, leaving a little bit of room for things like curbs and what not.

    From there, if there's too much road noise or things like curbs or impacts are too sharp and forceful, I'll dial down the FEI setting to maybe 80 or 70, and possibly also increasing the INT setting if things feel a bit too "grainy".

    That's pretty much it. Not sure if that helps or not. Good luck, I hope you get things sorted out.

  • Benjamin we should’ve just gone DD1 mate, our issue is just the base not have enough maximum torque. 8nm is probably just fine for most people but not us :( DD wheels have always been high torque wheels allowing for a linear high dynamic range of FFB, the csl dd just doesn’t have that. No matte what do your always going to clip unfortunately

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