Is authentic ABS & TC rumble available with V3 pedals in Assetto Corsa Competizione?

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Before I swap my Clubsport V1 pedals for V3 I'd like to know if authentic ABS and TC pedal rumble actually works in Assetto Corsa Competizione using Fanalab? Like actual rumble from the telemetry of the game when ABS and TC kicks in. The V1's have a synthetic ABS rumble that is set via the steering wheels menu and makes the pedal vibrate based on brake pressure, which is handy, but not a perfect solution as it's never quite set perfectly.

Also, my V1 pedals have a rotary switch on them to allow me to adjust the brake pressure required to achieve 100% braking in game, this is really handy because I use a desk based setup so can't have the brakes too stiff to operate because I'd just end up pushing myself backwards on my desk chair so currently I have the rotary switch set so that it doesn't take too much force to achieve 100% braking in game. From what I can see the V3's don't have the same switch so is the brake pressure still adjustable? If so, how?


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    Yes, works perfectly fine with Fanalab.

    Brake force can be adjusted directly in the Tuning Menu when connected to the base.

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    This is the best "Desk/Brake" Mod I have purchased:

    I have a Next Level DD Stand with V3 Pedals and I installed these on my desk chair. They solved a lot of issues with a setup like yours. Just be sure they fit your chair.

  • Interesting, I'd not actually thought of that, thanks. I have quick thick carpet in my gaming room so it's not been too much of an issue but I might get some anyway and give them a go.

  • Authentic ABS feeling isn't just the pedal 'rumbling' so to speak. The pedal is literally pumping itself when the ABS activates.... You can 'feel' the pedal actuating itself 'along' with the initial brake pressure you applied.

    The clubsport pedals just 'rumble'. like gamepads 'rumble'... Activated ABS sensation on a real life brake pedal is not just a 'rumble'. You might construe it and water it down to just a simple 'rumble' in your mind, too lazy to actually pay attention, cognitively speaking, but a simple 'rumble' will never be 'Authentic' as far as activated ABS sensation at the pedal.

  • I believe Peter was asking if ACC runs the rumble from it's in game software instead of the Fanatec Pedal fake setting that is available, and undertands that the V3 Pedals do not pump the pedal like a RL pedal under ABS.

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    well... then you don't understand the word 'authentic' regardless if it's from the game or if it's from the fanatec software. it's not the software that is going to make the pedal feel authentic....

    1st the pedal has to be able to depress itself without human input. much like self playing pianos... the keys look like they're being played and no one is sitting at the piano....

    2ndly... BRAKE PEDALS ARE NOT SPRINGS!!! all these load cell pedals... not just fanatec's no matter what version... are sold with these elastomer SPRINGS.... that in of itself will make it not feel 'authentic' .... A BRAKE IS NOT A SPRING

    all of a sudden sitting in 2 hour long commuter traffic bumper to bumper will become a leg day work out if they made brake pedals as 'springy' as these sim pedals... INANE!!!

    you asked about authentic... it's not just a hydraulic damper that's going to make a pedal feel 'authentic' ... the damper fanatec sells is just that... only a damper and it works as sold... as a 'damper' a hydraulic brake in a car can actually 'actuate' itself because it has a 'pump' ... meaning it can relive and build pressure on it's on... and that is what the sensation of ABS comes from.

  • Well then why play racing sims at all then, right? A real car doesn't have a giant screen in front of my face with millions of pixels on it...that's not "authentic" either, is it?

    Why is it that everyone seems to understand what the OP was asking, but you for some reason feel the need to swoop in on your horse and be pedantic about things?

  • no one asked if the sim itself is authentic.... and sim training in this world has it's place.... used in more than one INDUSTRY.... NOT FOR GAMING...

    so .... YES... the WORD 'AUTHENTIC' is in no way ambiguous nor for your own efforts of communication across the planet....

    and no... no one else explained themselves in your 'so called' 'everyone else understood. ' quite literally you don't understand the word AUTHENTIC which was not used in questioning the sim itself...

    horse bull crap...

  • you people need some serious help with vocabulary stop playing your games

  • The timing of this thread and Fanatec/BMW 'NOT A REPLICA' advertising.... for their 'wheel'

    'not a replica' meaning 'authentic' maybe you all should've asked for the BRAKE TO BE REAL over a stupid wheel...

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    I'm just ignoring him because he's obviously trolling, it's obvious what I was asking and what was meant by my use of the word authentic because pedal vibration based on game telemetry is the most authentic feedback of ABS you can get in a sim, I'm pretty sure no other sim pedals actually pump the pedal like in a real car when ABS kicks in so my use of the word authentic was wholly justified in this instance, not that I should even have to justify it. Some people act very strangely on the internet because it makes them feel better for whatever reason, you just have to ignore them and be glad you aren't that weird. I mean, he's come to forum for a company that makes gaming hardware and then wrote things like "stop playing your games" and "stupid wheel" so he's clearly here for trolling purposes.

  • I assume you have to use Fanalab because this feature is not currently supported natively in ACC?

  • That is the thing about being behind a monitor, rather than face to face. Some feel empowered to nit-pick, correct and criticise.

    We are all just here to discuss and hopefully learn something from everyone... Just as you said, ignore and let it fly by.

  • Hey guys I like to feel like im sitting in the cockpit when Im flying and in my car when Im driving. Is it "authentic"? Well my race pit is built from the actual dash, console, seat and even radio from my retired 1g dsm. So yes my ABS sensation better be authentic even tho that car didnt have ABS.. LMAO.. The guy wants to feel the sensation like we all do.. So here is my question..

    My Fanatec rig is on order to be delivered next month. Just a question on the V3 pedals. The reviews dont speak highly about the vibration motors. Saying they feel too weak if at all. I run simhub shakeit for my seat. Simhub has a built in Fanatec pedal driver via USB and wondering if anyone has any experience with that.

  • I have been trying to find out the same online, as I really want (know) the feeling of when TC and ABS kicks in. Have been trying to get my licence on LFM, so I need the 'authentic' feeling. hmm... should not have said that! 😏

    Have read somewhere that the rumble does and does not work with Fanalab, posted sometime ago and so may have been rectified by new drivers.

    Read elsewhere that it works with Simhub, but your pedals need to be connected vis USB and NOT to the base. Simhub is an external software. I try to use as little additional software when running ACC so have not even been using Fanalab.

    Maurice has confirmed it works with Fanalab though.

  • On supported Sims Telemetry based pedal vibration is working with Fanalab, yes.

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