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  • tried f1 2021 on pc i activated pc mode on the csl dd it practically does not work in my opinion there is incompatibility with the v3 pedal because it remains both accelerated and stopped at the same time !! absurd and thank goodness that the game has made the csl dd compatible with the latest update.

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    That is an issue with patch 1.12.

  • to understand !! thanks for the reply so we have to wait for next codemaster update ??

  • Hey man, have you found a solution for this? I have the same problem. Brake and Trottle are both on automatically and I can't fix it.

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    Hm, in F1 2020 with the DD2 I found INT 3 too be too filtered. I personally went for INT 1 instead, which makes it easier to feel what the tyres are doing yet not having the road noise be harsh.

  • Adding that I still have this issue with latest F1 2021 and the DD Pro w/ v3 pedals, it comes through as 50% brake, 50% gas always on, no way in game to calibrate it out under PC Mode. have to use PC Compat mode to get 100% range of the throttle & Brake

    Another issue right now is when using the McLaren GT3 v2 wheel is also an issue - button 7 which is the main menu interface button doesn't exist on this wheel, and it's impossible to map a different button. so there's no way using this wheel to navigate the menu's fully.

  • The lack of buttons 7 and 8 on this wheel is an odd one. It's not an issue in most games, since most games have mouse support in their menu screens... but not F1 for some reason. Strange that DR 2.0, another Codemasters title, does have mouse support, but F1 doesn't.

    Keeping a keyboard or a controller nearby at least lets you navigate so you can play the game, but it's a pretty clunky solution. If CM would just enable mouse support in menus (or allow us to remap menu navigation buttons), there'd be no issue.

    Maybe in 2022...🙄

  • These are my F1 2021 settings... not asking for help or critique.... just posting this here.

  • Hello everyone, I recently downloaded F1 2021. But my LEDs with the Fanatec Formula V2.5 don't work. I have set everything up in Fanaled, but they only work when I turn on FANALED ingame. And then only the standards. Not what I set. The steering wheel and the wheelbase are in Comp mode. Can someone help me please? :(

  • My device is gtddpro, can I use pcmode or compatibility mode?

  • This is not good information for the CSL DD on f1 2021, I did 360 on the steering angle (PC side) and 360 in-game and the car is not drivable, steering pins all the way with maybe 5 degrees of steering input. Run 2070 Steering angle PC side and 350-360 in game.

  • Are you running the game on PC or Xbox?

    Only on Xbox there is a known Sensitivity issue by the game..

    On PC 360 in game and 360 on the wheel should be fine.

  • At the moment I am using it on an Xbox so that was the issue.

  • That's what I thought.

    For Xbox there are separate recommended settings available here with the correct workaround you have to use with SEN set to 2520 in the wheel and 360 in game.

    So... The Information provided here are good... ;)

  • How FF setting is the same for DD1 and DD2 when there is 5nm difference between these two bases?

  • What are the best settings in Fanalab for the CSL DD(8nm) combined with the Clubsport Formula V2.5 wheel?

  • There's no such thing as "best" settings, as everyone's preferences are different. Start with the recommended settings listed at the end of the first post on page 1, and tweak from there to suit your taste.

  • Hello

    In fanalab there is a Dynamic FFB tab.

    should it be activated? What is it for?

    I use the DD Pro with Esports F1 V2

  • for 22 always the same parameters apply ?? i ask for csl dd pro thanks

  • Hi,

    I am really not an expert, and it can certainly be improved, but from what I have experienced, you can use quite the same, the only thing that I changed was in game wheel damper settings, setting it to 0 instead of 10. Tried also to set int on wheel setting to 0 instead of 6, might feel a bit better.

    But I am also waiting for Fanatec recommended settings, don't know why they wait so long ...

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    Hi again,

    After some testing tonight, with latest patch (1,06), I finally moved to those settings, which suits me but still I think it is also a personal feeling (CSL DD 8nm + Wheel Formula V2): 

     In game:

    FFS 80

    On Track Effects 15

    Rumble 20

    Off Track 20

    Wheel Damper 0

    Understeer on (might be very a personal choice)

    Rotation F1 340

    Rotation Supercar 340


    Wheel settings:

    SEN 340

    FF 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 25




    FEI 100

    BRF 50 (CSL loadcell pedal)

  • Fanatec Clubsport DD plus not working in F1 2020. The WB is only working in the menu. Im the Race there is FFB-Loss and loss of most button funtions in PC Mode and in PC Compatibility mode. I also tried to revert back to driver 455 from 456 bug no luck.

    any suggestions?

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