Didn't receive QR1 with Formula V2.5?

So I just received the Fomula V2.5 wheel for Christmas, and was under the impression that the QR1 would be included with the purchase. It looks like the QR1 never made it on to the invoice? I've put in a support ticket, but this is pretty disappointing since now I can't use my new wheel until this is resolved. Anybody else have this happen?


  • Are you talking about the metal QR or the standard plastic one? When I ordered my McLaren wheel back in August, the wheel showed up first, and the plastic QR showed up a day or two later. IIRC, tracking info showed it as 1 shipment, with 2 pieces.

    I'd say give it another day or two, then open a support ticket with Fanatec if it still hasn't shown up.

  • Plastic ones is not included in Clubsport wheels, only metal. But AFAIK QR comes in separate box

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    Indeed should be a metal one as standard. But also should be on the Invoice with the price "For free". If it's not on the invoice you should contact Fanatec support so they can help you.

    But Website is a bit broken in my experience with the QR in the basket. Wanted to buy a Formula v2.5 and at first the website added it with a price of €99.95. Then I had no QR at all anymore in my basket. Only after contacting support they changed my basket to include the QR with the for free price.

  • Yep, that's exactly what happened. The website never added the QR into the basket when the wheel was added, so it never shipped.

    They actually just got back to me (pretty quick!) and it's on it's way now.

  • I had a similar issue, if I added the wheel to a wishlist and then proceeded to order that wishlist the QR was missing, if I added the wheel from the website and not a wishlist then the QR did appear at checkout. Luckily I spotted it before proceeding so I did get mine. And yes for reference they usually come in a small seperate box.

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