WTB: Clubsport USB Adaptor USA Buyer

Hello, I'm looking for a Fanatec Clubsport USB Adaptor. USA seller would be preferred.




  • If you are planning on buying the Loadcell pedal in the near future, I believe it's included with that.

    Other than that, I found 1 in CA and 1 in the UK. So pre-order from Fanatec site or wait are the only options I see.


  • Well, what I am trying to do it a bit more complicated. I'm using DriveHub on a PS5, hori controller, Logitech G27 and Clubsport V3 pedals (note this setup works fine when using the Logitec pedals).

    I am trying to make my Clubsport V3 pedals work with the G27, until I can finally get the CSL DD later this year. When I hook it all up, the Accelerator pedal works perfectly. But the Brake pedal when pushed all the way, only shows about 40% movement on Gran Turismo and ACC. I have updated pedal Firmware and messed with multiple setup/calibrations configurations on the PC before hooking up, but no success.

    Drivehubnow.com has a configuration wizard and shows that I need a T.RJ Adaptor for this all to work. I too thought that the Clubsport V3 has the necessary hardware to not require the adaptor, but I have used the USB output for my test and again have the brake pedal issue.

    So I just was going to try out this $30 part and see what happens, and I have it ordered. I just don't want to wait till 1-27 ship date from Fanatec because we all know it can take even longer than that.

    I am also open to any other suggestions or people who have had success!!

  • Fazlee MajeedFazlee Majeed Member
    edited January 5

    Hey gerald, I have one to sell :)

    I don't have the original packaging but I can pack it in a small padded envelope


  • Hey Faz,

    Thanks for the quick reply and this is a great community of people here! Thanks so much for the offer, but I sourced one out of Canada yesterday. I will post if it worked for us console users!

    Great products, but Fanatec should work a bit harder on warehouse/orders situation. In the grand scheme of things, this is a better problem to have if the products are great. It is also easier to fix than having crappy products/software.

    I hope they can release the CSL DD stand alone base soon for Playstation users....

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